Announcing the cast of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance


Pirates of Penzance director Emily Trudeau says that, after some difficult decisions, she is pleased to announce her cast. I was at a board meeting in the green room on her second night of auditions and can vouch for the fact that it must have been tough for her. It was soprano city in there and everyone sounded fantastic.

Pirates is starting early with rehearsals and promises to be a great show. Without further ado, here’s Emily’s cast, featuring LOTS of first-time Hole-in-the-Wallers, which we LOVE:

As The Pirate King – Hal Chernoff
As Frederick – Peter Bailey (understudy Stephen Michelsson)
As Chief of Police – Alex Kirstukas
As Major General Stanley – David Schancupp
As Samuel – Rodney K
As Police – Nathan Rumney & Stephen Michelsson
As Mabel – Johanna Regan (understudy Mary McCue)
As Ruth – Patrique Hurd
As Edith – Mary McCue
As Kate – Kristen Norris
As Isabel – Remy McCoy
Our pirates are:
Robb Ecker
Stephen Maher
Doug McCarthy
Kathleen McKay-Pine
As General Stanley’s daughters:
Julia Allen
Stephanie Chernoff
Angelina DeLorenzo
Lauren Hyne
Cassandra Pease
& Marisa Sullivan

Thanks to ALL who came out to audition. We can’t wait to get started!