Announcing the cast of Lysistrata!

The production team is pleased to announce its cast for the Hole in the Wall Theater’s production of Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata”, translated by Sarah Ruden.  We appreciate everyone who came out, and cannot wait to get started on rehearsals with this wonderful group.  Congratulations to all!
Mike Bracken – Chorus
Stephanie Chernoff – Women’s Chorus Leader, Chorus
Adam Cormier – Lampito, Chorus
Lisa Ives – Cinesias, Chorus
Rayah Martin – Spartan Ambassador, Chorus
Stephen Maher – Councilor, Chorus
Rowan McDonald – Lysistrata
Rebecca Meakin – Myrrhine, Chorus
Charles Merlis – Men’s Chorus Leader, Chorus
Sarah Oschmann – Calonice, Chorus
Ari Veur – Chorus