Announcing the cast of Still Life with Iris by Steven Dietz


I am so excited to announce this cast and to start work on this fantastical production. Our turnout for auditions was marvelous, with talent from all over Connecticut and, after some deliberation, we whittled it down to these final 11.

As Iris – Peyton Stehle
As Mom/Miss Overlook – Stephanie Layne
As Mr. Matternot/others – Drew Brathwaite
As Elmer/others – Ian Rothauser
As Hazel/others – Allison Coney
As Memory Mender/others – Kelley Mountzoures
As Flower Painter/others – Roy Donnelly
As Gretta Good – Mairin McKinlay
As Grotto Good – Adam Cormier
As Mozart/others – Neo Valentin
As Annabel Lee/others – Briana McGuckin

We’ll be getting started this Sunday with a table read and then we will be busy building everything from ladybug stripes (yes) to bendable lightning bolts! Can’t wait to share more.