Auditions Announcement!

Directed by George Sebastian-Coleman and produced by Luis Marrero, Hole in the Wall Theater will be holding auditions for Jordan Harrison’s sci-fi drama, Marjorie Prime.

Taking place in the near future, 85 year old Marjorie has been moved in with her daughter and son-in-law because she can no longer live on her own. However, they both work, so to keep her company they have purchased a “prime” –a holographic projection–of her deceased husband, but, per Marjorie’s request, it’s of him at 33. Pre-programmed with a basic character of the husband, the prime gets better at its role through conversation with the family, learning the details, quirks, and few “skeletons” that make up who we are…

The cast is made up of the following characters:

Marjorie: Eighty-five. The elderly title character. Deals with Alzheimer’s by spending her days with a hologram of her late husband.

Walter: Early thirties. The holographic reproduction of Marjorie’s long deceased husband.

Tess: Fifty-five. Marjorie’s daughter who is not too keen on the idea of the Prime holograms. 

Jon: Fifty-five. Marjorie’s son-in-law and Tess’ husband. More on board with the idea of the Prime holograms and more accepting of Marjorie’s inevitable fate.

Auditions for Marjorie Prime will be held on June 4th and 5th at 7 PM at Hole in the Wall Theater in person, with potential call-backs on Sunday, June 6th at 7th PM. Virtual auditions may be arranged, please contact the director at Rehearsals will begin mid-June, and the show will run Fridays and Saturdays August 20th – September 4th, with a Sunday matinee on August 29th. All wishing to audition are welcome (but not required) to bring resumes and head-shots. All are welcome to audition and we look forward to seeing everyone.