Auditions for Heartless

Hello Hole in the Wall Friends and Family!

With the end of 2021 slowly drawing near, Hole in the Wall Theater is gearing up for a brand-new season to kick off the beginning of 2022! In the coming months, we will be announcing 7 shows that are sure to make the new year a very entertaining ride.

With that in mind, we have our first show of the 2022 season to announce and we want you to be a part of it. On Sunday, November 14th, and Monday November 15th, HITW will be holding auditions for Sam Shepard’s dark tale of secrets come to light, Heartless. The plot is as follows:

“When Roscoe, a retired Cervantes scholar, runs off with a young woman named Sally, he decides to stay a while in her family home in Southern CA. Soon he discovers her house is filled with secrets, sadness, and haunted women who cannot leave themselves or anyone else in peace. From Lucy, Sally’s suspicious sister, to Mable, their Shakespeare quoting invalid mother, to Elizabeth, Mable’s lovely and mysteriously mute nurse, the forces of the house conspire to make Roscoe question his assumptions about everything. Scars and histories are revealed and show what happens when the secrets simmering within a family boil over. Heartless explores the irrevocability of our past, and the possibility of life begun anew.”

Directed by Steven Simpson (director of The Glass Menagerie, A Doll’s House, and our return show, Waiting for Godot) and produced by Matthew Cote (who has graced the stage in The Glass Menagerie, as well as Julius Caesar), auditions for Heartless are open to all. All of the roles are open and are listed here:

  • Roscoe, M., 65- A retired Cervantes scholar. Having an affair with Sally. A “silver fox”.
  • Sally, F., early 30’s- Having an affair with and filming a documentary about Roscoe. Role includes partial nudity.
  • Lucy, F., 30’s – Sally’s suspicious sister. Dull, bookish. Takes care of their mother, Mable.
  • Mable, F., 65+ – Sally and Lucy’s mother. Confined to wheelchair. Medicated yet quick as a pistol. The Mad Matriarch.
  • Elizabeth, F., early 30’s – Mable’s tall, elegant, beautiful nurse.

Auditions for Heartless will be held on the aforementioned dates in person at Hole in the Wall Theater (116 Main Street, New Britain, CT 06051) at 7pm, with potential call backs to be held on Tuesday, November 16th. All potential cast members must:

  • Have a working and reliable source of transportation.
  • Attend at least one (1) general meeting at the theater (held on the second Wednesday of each month, unless previously changed).
  • Attend at least one (1) build day for the set.
  • Attend the strike of the set, which will be held the Sunday following the run of the show.

Resumes and headshots are welcome, but not necessarily required to gain a spot in the show. Applicants will be asked to list prior acting/performance experience on the application form. Monologues are also not required, but sides from the script will be provided. The show dates of Heartless will be on Fridays and Saturdays from January 14th to January 29th with one (1) Sunday matinee on January 22nd.

Hole in the Wall is located at 116 Main Street in New Britain, CT and we look forward to all who wish to audition for Heartless and cannot wait for you to join us. See you on the stage!