Hole in the Wall Theater
Help Us Continue!

For over 40 seasons, Hole in the Wall Theater has provided affordable theater for our valued audience members, while striving to encourage new theatergoers from our local community to join us. Hole in the Wall is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run solely by volunteers (i.e.no paid staff). We strive to keep our overhead costs low and production quality top notch within our financial means.
The recent economy has made it difficult to maintain our theater space and continue to offer quality productions. We have always maintained that theater should be available to everyone, regardless of one’s ability to pay. In order to help us continue this policy, we needyour help.
Frankly, it costs over $7,000 each month to keep our doors open. Ticket sales pay for only a fraction of those expenses. Your generous tax-deductible donation will help us fund the gap. Please consider helping us meet our goals to continue providing quality, live theater in downtown New Britain. Your donations will be acknowledged on a lobby display.
Theater God $1,000.00
Saint $500.00
Seraphim $250.00
Muse $100.00
Patron $50.00
Friend $25.00
Not at this time



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