February at HITW!

Hello Hole in the Wall Family!

February is upon us! The time of love, romance, and for us here at HITW, making theater for all of you. We’ve got what you need to weather the winter in New Britain, so keep reading to see what strikes your fancy.

First up: LAST CALL! There’re only two weekends left of our current show, the world premiere of The Road to Aracea! Directed by Francis A. Daley, and written by local playwright, Kieran McGowan, we look at five scenes of a sci-fi romantic comedy where one man’s life is brought into fragmented focus in a world that is more than what it appears. Tickets are currently available on this very sight or at the door ($23 general admission, $20 for students and seniors), so get those tickets now before the show wraps it’s last four performances on February 7th, 8th, 14th, and 15th (all at 8pm). Be sure to check out the exclusive interview between director Francis A. Daley, and News/Talk 1080’s Steve Parker about the show and what’s coming up at HITW. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift! 

With the end of one show, comes the beginning of another. We’re prepping for the next show in our 2019-2020 season, Our Town by Thornton Wilder. Directed by HITW’s very own Caleb Warner, we take a very fourth-wall breaking look into a family’s life in Grover’s Corner, the dramas that come with it, and even what comes after it. Be on the lookout for cast news, set construction dates, and ticket availability in the coming weeks. Our Town starts its run on March 13th and runs until April 14th. Our traditional Pay-What-You-Can Night is Friday, March 21st, with one matinee on March 29th! Plan ahead for another great show.

For those of you looking for a little more up-close entertainment, we have something special for you. On February 22nd, the winner of CT’s Got Talent (yes, that is a thing), Kody Hildebrand will be performing his own style of magic and comedy in a performance called, Playing with Myself! A night of magic to boggle the mind and laughs to tickle your funny bone but be warned! This is labeled 18+, so DO NOT bring the kids! Tickets are $20 and available now, so don’t miss on a one night only performance!

As always, we’re looking for more volunteers to help put our shows together. Our next general meeting will be on Wednesday, February 12th at 7pm. Also, be sure to keep tabs on our Info Group on Facebook for opportunities to work concessions. It’s a great way to help out the theater, and you see a show for free!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook (and our Info Group), Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up with what’s coming up, including our final two season shows: The Trouble with Space Cannibals and A Long Day’s Journey into Night! See you on the stage!