Fifth of July Act II Blocking Begins!

Tess Pepper as Shirley Talley

“Fifth of July” is a play about love, support, and togetherness even when you drive each other crazy! It’s set in Lebanon, Missouri 1978.

“Fifth of July” rehearsals are in full swing! Act I has been blocked and we’re in the process of blocking Act II. Tess Pepper who plays Shirley Talley enjoys Jed’s garden. She hears the bell toll and is taken in by it’s beauty until Jed informs her that it is ringing for someone’s funeral. Jed Jenkins played by Sean Sterling-Granado works on a response for his letter but Shirley quickly snatches the letter and begins reading from it while Aunt Sally (Barbara Gallo) and Ken Talley (Matty Skwiot) watch the chaos. June Talley and Gwen Landis (Liz Bohmier and Sally Arlette Garcia) will join in the fun soon.

Fun at Rehearsal - Shirley Snatches Jeds Letter compress
From left to right Matty Skwiot as Ken Talley, Sean Sterling-Granado as Jed Jenkins, Tess Pepper as Shirley Talley, and Barbara Gallo as Aunt Sally. In the back of the theater await June Talley played by Liz Bohmier and Gwen Landis played by Sally Arlette Garcia

“Fifth of July” opens June 6th and runs until June 28th

Friday and Saturdays at 8 and two Sunday matinees (15th & 22nd) at 2