HITW hosts a Staged Reading on May 31, 2018

A Staged Reading

Thursday, May 31st
$10 Suggested Donation
The Ladykilling of Chattanooga (or The Other Side of Stage Life)
By Scott Stephen Kegler
Synopsis: This is a full-length memory play about the shocking events of September 22, 1899 in Chattanooga, TN. Julia Morrison James, a stage actress in a touring comedy from New York City, was harassed and assaulted by Frank Leidenheimer. Leidenheimer, was the leading man and stage manager, which was common at the time.
In the weeks leading up to their stop in Chattanooga, the tension and harassment escalated, until reaching a climax before the opening curtain at the Opera House in Chattanooga.  Morrison left her dressing room and met the rest of the cast, who were in their places ready to begin the show. Fifteen hundred people waited behind the curtain for a hilarious evening.  Instead, Morrison drew a pistol from her dress and shot Frank Leidenheimer three times, killing him, while the band continued to play ragtime.
The show is from Miss Morrison’s perspective, as she tells the audience about her life before and after the shooting.
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