HITW Needs Your HELP!

For 46 years, Hole in the Wall Theater has served as a space for the arts in New Britain. Since 1972, when our theater opened, more than 260 productions have taken place in our theater.

Our new board of directors has a lot of ideas, and we’re generating a lot of momentum.
We also are in the process of applying for several grants. We are looking for local businesses who are interested in advertising with or sponsoring the theater or a single production. We want to keep this community alive, and we want to keep giving theater to our city. We have a lot of plans for the theater, we want to improve the theater and make it a sustainable arts organization. But the theater needs to survive until we can implement these plans.

Our expenses are about $6,300 per month. That includes rent, electricity, internet, phones, insurance, and show expenses. Currently, between our shows, showcases, and open mics, our revenue is averaging about $3,600 per month. Our revenue is further supplemented by four things: donations, ad sales, sponsorships, and grants. Alongside our ad sales, sponsorships, and grants efforts, a GoFundMe drive has been established and is going to be the channel through which we will focus our donation-seeking efforts for the rest of the next season. Our goal is to have raised $18,000, just through donations by August 2019.

What we ask of you is the following:

Make a donation according to your means. The old adage remains true–every little bit helps. If you can donate in any amount from $5 to $500, or more, your generosity would help us get through this tough time. With ticket revenue funding about 30% to 40% of expenses, most professional theaters rely on grants, sponsors and donors to complete their revenue needs.  It is our hope that the GoFundMe drive will bring us needed funds for next season. If you’d like to make a more immediate donation to help alleviate the nearly $12K gap we have right now, please visit our website at www.hitw.org and click on Support Us under the main menu. You can also make a donation at www.hitw.tix.com/donation. Or you can send a check to HITW at P.O. Box 942, New Britain, CT 06050-0942.

Other ways of helping are to talk about our cause. Do you know anyone who owns a business in New Britain or area towns that might be interested in advertising to our patrons? Are you connected to an organization that gives charitably, and would be willing to sponsor a local theater or production? Leverage your connections for our theater. Talk to your friends about donating. Share our cause on social media. Everyone has a voice, and if you contribute your voice to our cause, you are helping.

Volunteer with us. The theater doesn’t just need money. It needs people. It needs talent and effort, but most importantly, it needs community. Hole in the Wall Theater is a community that, for the past several decades, has been united by the goal of producing quality theater. We want you to be part of our community.