HITW Variety Hour and Gruesome Playground Injuries!

Hello Hole in the Wall Family!!!

First off, we hope you are continuing to stay safe and stay healthy during the times we find ourselves in. But, with 2021 well on the road, Hole in the Wall Theater will continue to entertain you. Here’s hoping we will be able to open our doors again in the near future. But, until that time comes, we’re still going to work on putting out entertainment on a screen near you, so read on and see what’s coming!

First up is an event coming right around the corner at the end of February! On Saturday, February 27, Hole in the Wall Theater will be hosting its very own filmed Variety Hour! Directed by Krysten Drachenberg, Johnny “Uncle Dinty” Peifer, and Terrance J. Peters (who is also producing) and featuring the works and performances of Richard Sebastian-Coleman, Ken Schroeder, and (once again) Uncle Dinty! It’s a night of talent and togetherness in the rough times we live in and we are so excited to share it with you! It’s free and open to all, so check out our Facebook event page and see who else will be there! Save the date for the end of February and we’ll see you there!

We’re also looking further down the line with streamed performances! Coming soon to Hole in the Wall Theater is Rajiv Joseph’s one act show, Gruesome Playground Injuries. Directed by and starring Mallory Spencer, we follow 30 years in the lives of Doug and Kayleen. Told over various points in their lives, we see them continually find each other to bond over injuries both physical and otherwise. We’ll be streaming Gruesome Playground Injuries on Friday, April 16 and Saturday, April 17 so keep your eyes open for more info on the way!

Finally, we’re still doing our best to keep things running at HITW, but we still need some help. If you want to help contribute to our home-away-from-home that is this theater, be sure to go to hitw.org and go to our donation page. We’re also holding a fundraiser on Facebook and will be collecting donations during our Variety Hour. Check it out, spread the word, and help Save Our Stage!

Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to see more of what’s to come. Don’t be scared to join our Facebook Info Group and, more importantly, keep yourself safe and hopefully we’ll see you on the stage again! Thank you!