Look at These Nerds Go!

Reckless rehearsals are zipping along EVEN FASTER than our ambitious schedule says they must. It’s incredible – not only how dedicated the cast and crew is, but the nuances that are beginning to come out in this, our SECOND WEEK of rehearsals. Every process, for me, uncovers things in a script that I hadn’t noticed on a first, second or third read – little connections, hidden meanings – it’s one of my favorite parts of the process. I think the biggest surprise for me in this script, which I’d thought of mostly as dark, satiric comedy, are the many poignant moments that happen while we are distracted by comedy. Like this one of Rachel Teagle and Robb Ecker:






















Or this touching moment with Rachel and Lisa Ives:














Everyone just loves Rachel so much – it looks like Roy (Johnny Peifer) has a little present in his front pocket for her. And Rebecca Meakin’s Trish looks on warm-heartedly:






















Rachel and her husband Tom (Joshua Lucius Ives) — these two are an inspiration. So in sync with each other emotionally. It really shines through in these images:





































Lloyd (Robb Ecker) and Pooty (Anne Collin). Clearly troublemakers.













And what play is complete without an androgynous gameshow host and some giant boobs? Say hello to Tim Timko (Lisa DelCegno) and Jill Dvorsky as his trusty sidekick:





















But really, all wiseass aside, The show IS funny and it IS poignant. The more we explore the text, the more the actors delve into these characters, the more I realize how masterfully it is written. So go ahead and click that link up there and order yourself some tickets. These clowns will be so ready to entertain you!