May’s Events at Hole in the Wall Theater

May’s Events at Hole in the Wall Theater

By John Bosco

Hello Hole in the Wall family and friends,

May is here, Spring has arrived, and it is time to plan for the future. Spring brings new beginnings and as such, Hole in the Wall will soon be heralding a new season. Not only that, we’ve still got shows and showcases coming up, and we’d like all of you to take part. Here’s what’s coming!

Our next general meeting will be on May 9. As always, everybody is welcome to attend, bring a friend, bring two, bring a whole gaggle. But, bear in mind, this meeting isn’t our regular everyday general meeting, this is The Annual Meeting. This is the time when shows and board members get voted in. So, come on by to vote for a show you’d love to see happen, and if you feel there’s someone you know at the theater who you think could do good on the board, nominate them (get their okay, first) and let the voting commence.

As it is a new month, that means it’s time for another Open Mic Night. Stop on by on May 12 to see budding talent emerge. Or maybe you have a talent you’d love to share. Step on up and don’t be shy, the doors open at 7:30 pm for all who wish to sign up, show starts at 8 pm. Cost of admission is $5 for performers and $10 for general admission.

And right after that is the next show in our season, Trevor Griffith’s Comedians. Directed by Hole in the Wall’s very own Johnny Peifer, the darker side of stand-up is revealed as a bunch of comedy hopefuls prepare to take the stage in this Manchester, England set piece. The cast is set and preparing to take the stage, much like their characters, so if you want to see who’s playing who, head to our blog on We’ve got fresh faces and old friends, and they all want to show you what HITW is all about. The show starts its 4-week run on May 18. $20 general admission, $15 for students and seniors.  Get those tickets now at

As Comedians plugs along on its run, another show will start preparing to do just the same. On May 20 and 21, auditions are going to be held for our FINAL SHOW OF THE SEASON! The show in question: Theresa Rebeck’s Our House. Directed by Ryan Wantroba, it is a two-sided story. On one side we have the story of set of roommates, one of whom watches too much reality TV; and on the other a TV news station that doesn’t seem to have the best intentions in mind. The two stories converge and blur the line between reality and news. All are welcome to audition.

Finally, we are always asking for volunteers to help. With more shows around the corner, don’t be afraid to volunteer to help work house. You’ll meet our fellow HITW crew, as well as see the show in question for the amazing price of FREE! If you still want to pitch in for the theater, donations are always (and I do mean ALWAYS) welcome. It helps the show go on and it can also help you as HITW is 501(c)3 organization, so donations are tax deductible. Head over to our donations page to donate.