Meet The Actor-Adam Cormier of Sylvia

If you frequented any shows at HITW last season chances are you were treated to a performance by the talented and hilarious Adam Cormier. A resident of Colebrook, CT and recent graduate of CCSU with a degree in Theater, Adam has also appeared here in Lysistrata (2015), Still Life With Iris (2016) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016).  Although these shows are each quite different Adam would have a tough time picking which he favored. When questioned as to what show throughout his acting career he would call his favorite he replied “All of them. Every show at HITW.” He has enjoyed all his experiences with the group, saying “It’s a great community….I get to work a lot here doing the things I really like to do.”

Adam’s favorite part of acting is getting to make people laugh and we are fairly certain Sylvia audiences will be doing just that. Playing three different characters (Tom, Leslie, and Phyllis) he will certainly have several chances to with many comedic moments including his personal favorite line from the show….”Bowser brings out the beast in them.” Here is what he had to say when we asked for some more insight into each of these characters:

“Tom is one of those “no-homo” type guys. He is very social, but also socially awkward. He is younger than Greg, and in some ways wiser, and in other ways immature. The way he speaks about women for example; he’s such a jerk. I’m the opposite way; I’m Team Girl. I think it’s interesting to be diving into this “dudebro” character, because it’s the exact opposite of who I am. Except for the gay parts, those are like me. Phyllis is the antithesis of Tom in many ways. While Tom wants to roll around in the “bios”, Phyllis would rather be wined and dined by high society types. She’s the cliché old money type who doesn’t understand the problematic statements she makes, and that’s not including when she genuinely is just saying the wrong word. She’s your slightly racist wine aunt who you want to avoid at holiday functions but you’re low on rent that month and she’s loaded, in more ways than one. She is a Real Housewife of NYC before the Real Housewives were even engaged. Leslie is probably my favorite out of the three (don’t tell the others), and I think it has to do with the broad description of their character. Jim, the director asked me to pick the gender that Leslie is, but truth be told I don’t think that Leslie identifies with either gender. And since it’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to blur the gender binary here at HITW, to get to do it this time with a crackling wit and snarky demeanor is a lot of fun.”

While Adam, unlike his co-star Jill Luberto (Sylvia), does not actually get to play a dog  if he were one he’d be a Great Dane because “they’re big and cuddly”. He encourages everyone to come see this show because…”it’s really funny and all about dogs”.  Directed by Jim Ryan, whom Adam describes as “very dedicated to the process”, Sylvia opens September 16th and runs through October 8th with Friday and Saturday shows at 8:00 P.M. and one Sunday matinee on September 25th at 2:00 P.M.


(Photo: Adam Cormier as Grotto Good in Still Life With Iris 2016)Adam C