Matthew Cote is taking on one of the most recognizable characters in American literature: Of Mice and Men’s George Milton. He describes his character as “a man who wants to protect his friends. He is a feisty dreamer. He really wants to succeed in life.”

George and his friend Lennie have to hop from ranch to ranch, mostly because of Lennie’s mistakes. He tries to create his own ranch with whomever he meets along the way. Over the course of the play, George gets closer and closer to his dream. However, a tragic event throws a huge monkey wrench into George’s plans. High school students (present and former) everywhere know what happens next.

“This has been such an awesome experience,” said Matt. “The role for me came naturally. The cast is awesome. Everyone has such a great chemistry both on and off stage. It has a bunk house feel outside the world of the play.”

Matt made his stage debut in the lead role in his 4th grade Christmas play. He performed more throughout high school. “It’s always been something I was OK at,” he said, “but once I got to college, I realized I was pretty good at it.” At Hole in the Wall, Matt appeared in The Crucible and helped with sword fighting choreography for Enron.

Matt and the rest of the cast are looking forward to the upcoming closing weekend of Of Mice and Men. “Audiences have been great so far. Surprisingly, there are a good amount of people who don’t know the ending. I can hear audible gasps from the audience during the last scene.”