Meet the Crew–Caleb Warner, Prop Master

Your name and who you play in the show.
Caleb Warner, Prop Master.
How many shows have you done with HITW? What were they?
Still Life With Iris, Pirates of Penzance, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Sylvia, Accomplice.
What’s the message of Travesties?
In your own way, be fancy.
What is your favorite part of performing or teching?
I love facing new challenges and finding new historical information to put into a show. I enjoy finding the little details that help the actors and to bring the whole picture together.
What’s the most exciting part of being in this production for you?
I’ve never done props for a show set in the 1910’s so I get to check it off my list.
Favorite color?
Cerulean Blue.
Favorite food?
Do you have any theater superstitions or traditions?
As a prop master, if there’s paper on the stage it MUST be the Gettysburg Address and if I can sneak in a reused prop, DO IT.