Meet the Crew–John Bosco of Travesties

Your name and who you play in the show.
My name is John Bosco, and I am the light technician (I also accept light board operator, light monkey, and light guy).
How many shows have you done with HITW? What were they?
I’ve done four shows at HITW: Still Life with Iris (stage hand, as well as the silent role of Giant Seashell #1), and I worked the lights for Pirates of Penzance, Sylvia, and Accomplice.
What’s the message of Travesties?
I’d have to say the message of Travesties is that comedy and history can in fact mix well, especially when told through the eyes of someone who was there (even though they don’t remember it right).
What is your favorite part of performing or teching?
My favorite part of teching is meeting these new people, seeing the stage process come together, and being able to have a laugh with everyone before, during, and after the show. 
What’s the most exciting part of being in this production for you?
The most exciting part of this production is the absurdity of it all.  You think you’ll get what’s happening, and then a curveball comes in the form of time slips, memory lapses, and strange poetry pulled out of a hat.
Favorite color: black
Favorite cartoons: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Favorite Anime (one of my favorite hobbies): Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, One Piece
Do you have any theater superstitions or traditions?
I am a firm believer in saying “Break a Leg,” you don’t say “G.L.” before a show or the title of the Scottish Play (I can’t even say it outside the theater), and I am a believer of turning on the ghost light.