MisCast Showcase Is Set- February 17 at 8 pm

At 8 pm on February 17th, a Saturday, there will be a MisCast Showcase at the theater. If you have a musical theater song that you have always wanted to perform that is traditionally played by a different gender, now is your chance! There will be ONE  (1) rehearsal, probably on Friday, 2/16, but to be decided by the performers and the accompanist. So get your music together, IN THE KEY YOU ARE PERFORMING IT IN, and get ready!

Since this is the weekend after St. Valentine’s day, think love songs, but don’t feel constrained by that.

Sign-up is first come, first served. Sign up is ONLY by emailing me at theroane@yahoo.com.  Please include the name of the song you are performing, and the names of all performers. If there are members who you know are not receiving emails from this list, please pass this on. In a few days, we’ll put it up online if needed to get enough signups.
I saved the best for last. The accompanist is…..BILL HIVELY!!! Bill is a music teacher, organist, pianist, and singer, and was music director for Young Frankenstein and My Fair Lady at CTC. He’s also a delightful human being, and a joy to work with!
So save the date! This is gonna be a blast!