More Auditions!!!

Hello Hole in the Wall Family!

There is no rest for us as we get ready to open back up to the public! We’ve got Waiting for Godot and Marjorie Prime cast, but now we’re doing ANOTHER audition notice! This one is for Itamar Moses’ intellectual rom-com, Completeness!

Directed by Terrance J. Peters and produced by Luis Marrero, the play is summarized:

Computer Scientist Elliot and Molecular Biologist Molly, two intellectuals struggle with the realities of romance, as their scientific pursuits lead to the entanglement of their research and their lives. When Elliot builds a computer program to help Molly with her research project, the variables in their evolving relationship shift as rapidly as the terms of their experiment. Set in the frantic, chaotic and passionate world of collegiate academia, Completeness explores a complex synergy of biology, mathematics and romance in a play about the impossibility of certainty.

The cast of characters include:

ELLIOT (25-35): A Computer Science grad student. Passionate, engaging, with an eye for precise detail on all things other than his relationships.

MOLLY (25-35) – Molecular Biology grad student. Articulate, sharp, guarded, and incredibly passionate of her work.

Lauren/Nell* (25-35):

LAUREN – Computer Science grad student, desperately in love with Elliot, with a feral (if irrational) sense of protectiveness surrounding her heart.
NELL – Undergrad computer science student. Shy, open-hearted, and very intelligent, has a crush on Elliot.

Don/Franklin* (25-35):

DON – Associate professor, MOLLY’s Academic Advisor and lover. Obsessive, jealous, irrational and in need of control.
FRANKLIN – Biology grad student. Sweet, genuine, caring, and present, he rides on his intellect and natural charm. Flirts with MOLLY.

*The roles of Lauren/Nell & Don/Franklin are typically double cast; however, this will be decided during casting and the roles may be split.

Please note: this production will contain onstage intimacy and partial undress.

The auditions will be happening on June 25th and June 26th at 7pm at Hole in the Wall Theater. Further details on the character can be found here! Further details and requirements are listed on the event page on Facebook. Please feel free to contact the director, Terrance, at with any questions or concerns!

We look forward to everyone coming to try out!