Pitches for 2022 Season Begin August 11!!!

Hello Hole in the Wall friends and family!

We’ve finally made it! Waiting for Godot has opened to live audiences and we cannot be happier. With the opening of Godot, we are planning ahead. On August 20th, we have the opening of Marorie Prime, directed by Godot’s own George (Vladimir) Sebastian-Coleman, and on September 17th, we have Completeness, directed by Terrance (This is Our Youth) Peters.

Now with those shows coming up, that begs the question: what are we doing next? Well, that’s we’re going to decide at the next General Meeting. That’s right, at the next meeting at Hole in the Wall, we will be voting and choosing our next batch of live entertainment. If you want to attend and vote for the shows being pitched, we are meeting on August 11th at 7pm at the theater. Please feel free to attend. If you are still unsure about or unable to attend in person, we will have online access for people to attend.

Everyone is welcome to attend in person or online to vote. Please be aware, those that are planning on pitching their show should be at the theater in person. If you wish to pitch a show yourself, please make sure to have a script (physical or digital) ready as soon as possible and accessible to the theater in the coming days. We have spots we want to fill and this will help do so.

We hope we see more of our HITW family and even some new faces, as we once again bring live entertainment to the people of New Britain. Be sure to keep following us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join our FB Info Group, and don’t forget to get those tickets to all our shows so we can see you on the stage! Thank you!