Scavenger Casting Call

Hello Hole in the Wall Family!

First and foremost, we hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy during these trying times. As of right now, the theater is still closed and unable to perform in our normal capacity. That being said, that doesn’t mean we can’t find alternate ways to bring about entertainment.

Hole in the Wall Theater is planning to film an adaptation of Scavenger, a new original horror script by Richard Sebastian-Coleman. The plot is as follows:

A pair of vacationers waiting for their friends find themselves stuck in a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains during a blizzard. As they attempt to wait out the storm, it becomes obvious that something is there with them, and it’s hungry! Trapped with no safe haven, the two friends must either wait out and survive long enough for help to arrive or make a choice that will haunt one of them forever.

The cast is 3 (4 max) people and all roles are open to anyone who wishes to try out.

The character list is:

  • Alex: M/F, 20s-30s, vacationer and friend of Jordan. Is more willing to believe in something unnatural going on, especially after finding a child’s journal in the cabin hinting at just that.
  • Jordan: M/F, 20s-30s, vacationer and friend of Alex. Less a believer of the supernatural and more a person of action, which results in being injured for the majority of the show.
  • Scavenger: M/F, Described in the script as “A formless monster who feeds in this world, but is a traveler from another.” Entering from within the cabin’s fireplace, Scavenger is an articulate, shadowy creature looking for its next meal.
  • Park Ranger: M/F, An unnamed local ranger of the park the cabin is in. Appears at the very end and can be double cast with Scavenger.

Currently the production plan is to have the show shot and edited in time for Halloween. Most (if not all) of the shooting will take place in the month of September. Keep in mind, plans are subject to change.

The production will be directed by John R. Bosco and produced by George Sebastian-Coleman. Anyone wishing to audition, please contact John at with the subject “Scavenger Audition” by Saturday, August 22nd in order to set up a one-on-one audition via Google Meet. The 22nd is also the tentative date to begin the audition meetings.

Scripts for auditions will be provided to those interested (keep in mind, this WILL NOT be the final version of the script, they are for auditions ONLY). Be sure to include your phone number in your e-mail and best times to reach you.

Resumes and headshots are welcome, but not required. Please have availability prepared for auditions and during shooting. Any changes to availability MUST be shared with the director (John) or the producer (George) and be sure to have a reliable form of transportation, especially when a shooting location is determined.

We look forward to all (and we do mean ALL) who wish to take part in this production. Stay safe, stay healthy and we will see you for the show!