“School for Manners” Announces Cast

The Hole In The Wall Theater is pleased to announce the cast for their upcoming production of “School For Manners” by Bill Arnold. The production team would like to thank the many talented actors who auditioned.  They were impressed with each and every person who came out. They are looking forward to beginning the rehearsal process with several returning actors to HITW, along with many newcomers. This show runs November 17th through December 9th. Be on the lookout for more information to come soon!

Lady Begonia Manors          Terri D’Arcangelo

Iris Manors                             Holly Williams

Marigold Manors                   Kate Bunce

Clematis Manors                    Adam Cormier

Pembrooke                              Scott Hoffman

Miss Taylor                             Celine Montaudy

Dominique                              Harper Liles

Sir Joffrey Ballette                 George Dagon

Lady Rafflesia Ballette          Lisa Bynes

Roquefort Ladida                   Luis Marrero

Thaddeus Parsnip                   Peter McKernan

Countess Peony Manors        Barbara Gallow

Captain Arthur Martin           Johnny Peifer

Dr. Valentine                           Eric Jolicoeur

Alastair Winthrop                   Johnny Peifer