DOT: A Silent Comedy

DOT: A Silent Comedy

By Hope Salas

Directed by Jenny Lee Mitchell

June 10th-19th

DOT SHORTS were initially created out of fear.

Each DOT SHORT was born out of the harrowing reality of COVID-19 and contextualizes (literally &/or figuratively) what we have all faced during this pandemic. Each “short” punctuates the extremes of adapting and adopting to the new world order. DOT highlights the humanity of each of us. She boldly illustrates feelings of fear, confusion, worry & isolation. She is open and raw. She is resolute in doing right by others. She is a problem solver. She teaches us the resilience of the human spirit. She is always moving forward, and always willing to life on life terms.

As we (collectively) catch our breath, pray, and wonder what tomorrow will bring; and as we blow up our Social Media accounts with words of wisdom and picture stories of hope; as we mourn the losses of loved ones who died as the result of this thorny, prickly, red bodied beast, our souls cry out for the most important variable in our lives: CONNECTION.

DOT teaches us all these things.