Backyard Theater Ensemble presents Mauritius

By Theresa Rebeck

Directed by Ryan Wantroba

November 1st & 2nd, 8th & 9th at 8:00PM
November 3rd at 2:00PM

Hole in the Wall is pleased to welcome local theater group Backyard Theater Ensemble back to our stage for another gripping drama-dy. Following the death of their mother, estranged half-sisters Jackie and Mary inherit a possibly rare and valuable collection of stamps. While Mary believes their sentimental and historical worth make the collection too meaningful to sell, young and financially strapped Jackie feels otherwise. When tenacious Jackie secretly attempts to get the stamps appraised, she unknowingly becomes the pawn of three seedy and powerful men, each hoping to profit from her naïveté. As tensions rise, the fallout from this seemingly benign stamp collection becomes more dangerous and complicated than the sisters could have imagined.


Jackie – Kailee Donovan

Mary – Amy Petrucci

Phillip – Douglas Benham

Dennis – Chet Ostroski

Sterling – Michael Vernon Davis

About Backyard Theater Ensemble

Backyard Theater Ensemble is a collaboration of artists devoting their time, experience and resources to produce theater that inspires, challenges, and entertains both performers and audiences. Guided by our collective artistic vision, volunteer artists each fulfill multiple roles on stage, behind the scenes, and in the community. These roles capitalize on members’ talents while also acknowledging weaknesses to empower growth. We create theater that is a powerful instrument asking all ensemble and audience members to confront the realities of our world.