The Road to Aracea Poster

The Road to Aracea

By Kieran McGowan

A sci-fi/fantasy domestic serio-comedy
a fantasia on supernatural suburban themes
a murderless mystery-romance that really isn’t at all concerned with your time-travel paradox nit-picking
Arcadia, as written by the undocumented and biologically improbable love child of Kurt Vonnegut and Neil Gaiman

January 24th – February 15th, 2020

The play opens on one of our couples – a woman listening to a man who is preparing dinner and telling the story of a classmate who went mysteriously missing when he was in middle school. The woman affectionately informs him that she’s heard this story before, though the man does not recall when this might have been, at which point we discover that she claims to be “from the future.” Whatever the truth of this, she’s prescient enough to disappear right before his wife shows up. 

Over the course of five scenes the couples find themselves paired in varying iterations, telling sci-fi and fantasy-inflected tales stacked like nesting dolls to reveal unexpected relationships, each one having something increasingly unreliable to say about the immutably protean nature of love, the necessity of uncertainty, and how each of us is haunted by both the living and the dead.