The Road to Aracea

The Road to Aracea

By Kieran McGowan

January 24th – February 15th, 2020

Set on a typical evening in the sort of typical suburban home one finds clinging anxiously to cul de sacs as they go speeding throughout the Virgo Supercluster, Michael prepares dinner while Molly hears the story of a classmate who went missing when he was in middle school. Michael is taken aback when she casually informs him that he’s told her this story before – the events around his friend’s disappearance were so strange and so eerie he’s certain he’s never spoken of it to anyone. Then he remembers: Molly is from the future. At least, she claims to be. Whatever the truth of this, she has the foresight to leave right before Carol, his wife, shows up from work.

Over the course of five scenes two seemingly star-crossed couples find themselves paired in different combinations on their way to the end of time, along the way telling supernatural tales with something increasingly unreliable to say about the nature of love, the necessity of uncertainty, and how each of us is haunted by both the living and the dead.

Cast List

Virginia Skinner of Orange, CT
Shawn Murray of Wallingford, CT
Al Bhatt of New Haven CT
Erin Walsh of New Milford, CT