Start Summer with HITW!

Hello Hole in the Wall Family!!!

Summer has officially begun! It’s the time of sunshine days and vacations as the weather gets warmer. So, if you’re looking for an escape from the heat and a way to enjoy your Summer, all of us at Hole in the Wall Theater have a little something for you.

First up, our last show of the season! That’s right, the beginning of the Summer brings the end of our 2018-2019 season with Eric Coble’s Virtual Devotion! Directed by HITW Board member, Luis Marrero, Virtual Devotion is a satirical look at what happens when religion becomes a little too mainstream. We follow the interlocking stories of a televangelist experiencing a major health crisis, a ministry worker in need of a get-rich-quick scheme, a TV nut seeing a Biblical face in her pudding, and Jesus Christ come back to spread the word while working dead-end jobs.

The curtain goes up on Friday, July 19th at 8pm, and will run for four weekends (including a 2pm matinee on July 28th). Tickets are available online and at the door for $20 ($15 for students and seniors). The more cash-strapped can stop by on July 26th for our Pay-What-You-Can Night! It’s BYOB at HITW, so come celebrate the end of the season with our next show! If you want to keep up with Virtual Devotion, be sure to check out our cast list to see who’s who in the show. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page for some amusing shots of our cast in and out of character.

With the end of one season, comes the beginning of the next. On Sunday, July 21st, and Monday, July 22nd, Hole in the Wall will be holding auditions for the first show of the 2019-2020 season: The Haunting of Hill House! Written by F. Andrew Leslie and adapted from the classic terror tale by Shirley Jackson, it is the story of a group of strangers brought to Hill House to investigate if the titular manor is truly haunted. They find out that not only are the rumors true, but one of them may be a target of the specters that go bump in the night!

The Haunting of Hill House Poster

The show will be directed by John R. Bosco (Board member and the very writer of these newsletters) on the aforementioned dates, with potential callbacks on Tuesday, July 23rd! Requirements for those auditioning, as well as a list of characters, can be found on the casting call located on this very blog! We welcome all (and we do mean ALL) potential actors to come and try out! The new season begins September 27th!

Are you not patient enough in wanting to get on the stage? Never fear, that’s the purpose of our monthly Open-Mic Night! Whether you know a dance, can sing, or have the ability to pull rabbits out of a top hat, we want to see all the talents the people of New Britain. The stage opens up to the people on Wednesday, July 31st at 7pm for sign-ups. It’s $5 for performers and spectators, alike, so don’t miss out on the local talent of the Hardware City!

In between all this, we’ll be holding a special event hosted by local musician, Ashley Hamel: The CT Muslim Artists Showcase! Come join us as Muslim artists of all kinds (poets, comedians, dancers, etc.) come to HITW in order to entertain you. It’s a celebration of people coming together through art, and we at HITW are more than proud to host such an event. The show is ONE NIGHT ONLY on Saturday, July 13th at 8pm! Tickets are available online NOW for only $15, so don’t miss out!

Hole in the Wall is always looking for more volunteers to help bring theater to New Britain. For anyone who wants to do so, you can donate to us at All the money goes into keeping our little theater going. Don’t forget to come to the theater on Wednesday, July 10th, at 7pm for our General Meeting. You’ll find out about our new season and ways to get involved. One of those ways is volunteering to run our concession stand during shows, which gets you a ticket into the show for the low price of FREE!

We hope to see you at the theater in the near future! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, as well as our blog to keep up with the new season! Thank you!