Talking Mastodons with Archaeologist Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones being awesome
So Dr. Jones being awesome

We are pleased to announce that Connecticut State Archaeologist Dr. Brian Jones will be joining us for a post-show discussion after the Saturday August 2nd performance of “The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons.”  You may recognize this handsome devil from the pit band in Rocky Horror,  or from rocking out at the Ceilidh with The Rude Mechanicals.

Our new shows follows a prehistoric beast in a world where everyone’s childhood dreams come true, so we thought it’s be perfect to bring in a real life archaeologist. What kid didn’t want to discover dinosaurs when they grew up?

So come and join us for the show this Saturday, and stick around afterwards to talk about the play and ask Dr. Jones all your mastodon questions and what’s it’s like to be a real life archaeologist. He may even dig up some special surprises to show us.

Bonus points if you write “Love You” on your eyelids. We’re sure he hasn’t heard that one before…