The Trouble With Space Cannibals Cast Announcement!

Hello Hole in The Wall Friends and Family!

The 50th anniversary season of Hole in The Wall Theater is on the move, and with the end of one show comes the start of another.

Our second show starts on February 25th and it’s a brand new, WORLD PREMIERE show that you can really sink your teeth into (quite literally for some characters). From the delightfully twisted minds that brought you Final Arrangements, School for Manners, Lint! The Musical, and Whacked!, Scott Stephen Kegler and Bill Arnold are boldly going where no theater has gone! Join us for The Trouble With Space Cannibals, a delightful parody of old school sci-fi television for the Trekkie in all of us.

Now, tickets are available now, but one thing is missing. Who’s playing who? Well, the answer to that is right on the very page your reading, so read on and discover!

Captain Taryn Estranger – Emily Trudeau

Science Officer Wendy Mansplain – Barbara Gallow

Communications Officer Toto Claro – Corey Mason

Chief Medical Officer Kilroy – Roy Donnelly

Sofaa Pulout – Tim Adams

Mason – Ed Bernstein

Engineer, Commodore – Ken Schroeder

Ensign 1, Simone, Cannibal – Andrea Feder

Ensign 2, Security, Cannibal – Dave Carter

We’re so excited to finally be bringing this brand-new sci-fi laugh riot to the stage and we can’t wait for you to join us. See you on the stage!