Waiting for Godot – Meet Lucky

Hello Hole in the Wall friends and family!

The wait is over! Waiting for Godot, our first show with a live audience since March of 2020, has opened and we cannot be happier. If you missed opening weekend, don’t worry, our run’s not over yet.

In the meantime, check out our latest interview with the cast of the show. You’ve seen him in past HITW shows like Reefer Madness, Travesties, and Macbeth. Meet Matthew Horowitz!

It’s been over a year since staged productions have happened. What are you most looking forward to about returning to the stage after the pandemic? 

Matthew: The cast party. There’s nothing so grim as a closed zoom window. One keeps one’s hearth lit, only with the company of others.

What brought you out to audition for Godot? And what role do you have in the production?

Matthew: I was asked by Stevie to read, I’m playing the ever fortunate Lucky.

All of the men in the show wear bowler hats. Is there a part of your wardrobe you always wear?

Matthew: My maternal grandfather once told me “Never wear a shirt without a front pocket.” However, he also said that “pizza is for poor people” so take his advice with appropriate salt.

What has been your favorite part or  the most interesting part of the rehearsal process so far?

Matthew: It’s a fractal, the closer you look the more complex it gets.

After rehearsing and putting together this production, who do you think Godot truly is?

Matthew: Surely not the friends we made along the way. Godot is the ever elusive point that we insist there must be.

If you were waiting for Godot how would you pass the time?

Matthew: I am, this is it, we’re doing it.

A big thank you to Matthew for the interview and for his part along with the rest of the cast and crew in our return to live performances. There are two more weekends left to catch Waiting for Godot, so don’t wait too long to get those tickets. This coming weekend, Friday, July 23rd is the return of our Pay What You Can Night, so if you’re a little strapped for cash, that is your night. Also, this coming Sunday, July 25th is our 2pm matinee, so be sure to spend an afternoon with us.

We’ve got one more interview to go, so keep an eye out on that, as well as more upcoming live theater news. Thank you for joining us in our long wait to return to live performances. It’s been quite a ride and we’re more than happy to see you on the stage!