Waiting for Godot – Meet Pozzo

Hello Hole in the Wall friends and family!

Tonight is the night! The wait is over as HITW finally reopens the doors to the public for the first time since March of 2020. The actors are ready, so to get you ready, we have another interview from the show’s cast.

You’ve seen him in the laugh riot that was Final Arrangements, it’s Ed Bernstein.

It’s been over a year since staged productions have happened. What are you most looking forward to about returning to the stage after the pandemic?

Ed: I am looking forward to two things from the audience: laughter and the moment of silence when they don’t know what’s next.

What brought you out to audition for Godot? And what role do you have in the production?

Ed: I AM POZZO. PPPOZZZO. I love the show and I have been wanting to tread the boards again and I saw the notice on Facebook.

How are you most like/unlike your character?

Ed: Pozzo is pretentious, self-important, and deluded but I’m unlike him in that I don’t shout at people.

All of the men in the show wear bowler hats. Is there a part of your wardrobe you always wear?

Ed: I’m a hat wearer, but I change hats with the seasons. Fedora or a pork- pie hat, trilby in the winter and a straw hat in the summer.

What has been your favorite part or  the most interesting part of the rehearsal process so far?

Ed: Developing Pozzo’s relationships with the other characters. For the last year I’d been working on scripts by myself, just for myself, and really missing when that preparation interacts with other actors and the director what they’re working on.

After rehearsing and putting together this production, who do you think Godot truly is?

Ed: I think Godot is Pozzo. It’s a colossal mistake. Pozzo isn’t waiting for anybody, but my personal theory now is that Gogo is right the whole time and Didi is wrong and the name is never actually Godot. It’s my land, and I’m the one in theory who could offer them jobs, but I don’t because they’re waiting for Godot. I don’t think that’s what Beckett thought or what anyone else should think. It’s just my idea.

If you were waiting for Godot how would you pass the time?

Ed: Reading and knitting.

Any other thoughts or comments on the show as we prepare to open?

Ed: It’s good to be back.

And it’s certainly good to have Ed and the whole cast back on stage. A big thanks to Ed for this interview as we count the hours down to raising the curtain tonight. Get those tickets, drop on by, and we’ll see you on the stage!