Waiting for Godot – Meet The Boy

Hello Hole in the Wall friends and family!

Waiting for Godot has started, but we still got so much to be excited for. This Friday is the return of our Pay What You Can Night and this Sunday is our 2pm matinee. But, that’s this weekend. Right now, we have one final interview with our cast. Meet the youngest of our cast and newcomer to Hole in the Wall Theater, Marco Fiero!

It’s been over a year since staged productions have happened. What are you most looking forward to about returning to the stage after the pandemic?

Marco: I’m excited to be on stage instead of sitting at home waiting for the pandemic to be over.

What brought you out to audition for Godot? And what role do you have in the production?

Marco: My role is The Boy that works for Godot. I came to audition because George works at Tunxis with my dad, and George asked my dad if I wanted to do this and I said “Yes.”

How are you most like/unlike your character?

Marco: I’m most unlike the boy  because I don’t work for anybody and I don’t do anything involving goats. I also don’t know if the boy plays sports, but I play sports, so that may be unlike him too. I’m not sure I’m too much like the boy.

All of the men in the show wear bowler hats. Is there a part of your wardrobe you always wear?

Marco: I wear my adidas shoes a lot, and my favorite accessory is a soccer ball.

What has been your favorite part or  the most interesting part of the rehearsal process so far?

Marco: It’s probably how the set came together. First the blank flats, then the mountains and textures were added on, and then the tree. It was a cool transition from just a table and nothing to a full set.

After rehearsing and putting together this production, who do you think Godot truly is?

Marco: At first I thought he was God, but God wouldn’t beat a child, Mr. Godot beats the boy’s brother. I think Godot might be like Pozzo with Lucky, but he has two people working with him. The Boy says Mr. Godot does nothing, so he might be lazy. I think Estragon and Vladimir think he’s God, but I think since God wouldn’t beat a child he’s just a lazy man who forces others to do his work.

If you were waiting for Godot how would you pass the time?

Marco: If I had a soccer ball, I’d play soccer, or I’d climb a tree or a mountain.

We can see that this has been exciting for Marco and we hope you are excited, too, to see him live for the remainder of our run!

A big thank you to Marco, as well as the rest of the cast for talking to us. We hope to see more of them as we continue to plan further performances in the coming months and beyond.

Waiting for Godot runs for two more weekends, so be sure to get those tickets. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more news about our upcoming productions, Marjorie Prime and Completeness.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you reading and coming to support us as we finally return to live performances. We’re so happy to see you on the stage!