Writer’s Block: One Night of One Acts

LYDIA: So you really think I can do this?

MUSE: Absolutely. A roomful of monkeys at typewriters can write Shakespeare. With one monkey you can at least get Mamet.


MUSE: Trust me Lydia, there’s no way to go wrong with this.

LYDIA: And if a play sucks, it’s not the writer’s fault?

MUSE: Never.

Join us on SaturdayMay 17th for a one night showcase of two meta-theatrical plays about the struggle of writing, written by two local playwrights!



Lunatics, Lovers, and Poets

Written and directed by Scott Stephen Kegler

Featuring Roy Donnelly, Scott Hoffman, Shane Kegler, Nate Rumney and Corey Welden

Shakespearean protagonists find themselves in an existential bind when their plays end. An unpredictable, absurd comedy about what happens when the story doesn’t stop.


Written by Rachel Teagle

Directed by James DeMarco

Featuring Samantha Baker, Elizabeth Bernard, Stephanie Layne and Tony Palmieri

A lazy writer and her frustrated Muse vainly try to conquer writer’s block. An insider theater comedy that both lampoons and revels in our favorite cliches.

Tickets are $10 and are available at www.hitw.org


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