Stranger Still

Written & directed by George Sebastian-Coleman
Produced by Luis Marrero
Shows April 21st – May 6th

Hole in the Wall Theater presents: “Stranger Still” by George Sebastian-Coleman

STRANGER STILL is based upon Albert Camus’ L’Etranger, but imagining the character as having his sentence commuted to life on “Devil’s Island” the prison island off French Guiana. The setting is the present, and now somewhere in his 90s, he runs a cafe in Kourou, French Guiana, having become a trustee when the prison closed. He now watches the lives of his patrons–all as interested or disinterested in their existence as he.

Roles Available:
Steve – 30ish, an American bartender
Gil – 30ish, a local, office worker by day, painter by calling, Marie’s man
Matt – American tourist 50ish, space nut, Anne’s husband
Anne – American tourist 50ish, likes life—space, not so much
Monsieur- Very old, a trustee, owner of the bar, but for many years has just sat and played solitaire
Marie – mid 20s, out-of-work projectionist, a Catholic with all the ambiguities that brings
Jeanette – La femme sauvage—or not, space lover, free spirit
Celeste – 60s, also a trustee, manages the bar, he and monsieur go back to the prison days
Jacob – A man on a mission, but without one
Mdala – Senegalese but long in Guiana, an engineer and environmental activist
Local policeman
US Agent Crowley