Auditions for Our House

by Theresa Rebeck

will be held on May 20 and 21 at 7 pm at the theater 116 Main St., New Britain, CT
Directed by Ryan Wantroba

4M, 3F. Auditions will be readings from the script.

JENNIFER – F, 25-45 – Journalist who joins WES’s network as a news announcer (and WES’s lover). Shares WES’s artistic vision about merging news and entertainment. Motivated and power hungry.
WES – M, 25-45 – Fast-talking, forward-thinking head of the network. All about the numbers and the money. Has a sexual relationship with JENNIFER and is also the boss of both JENNIFER and STU.
STU – M, 25-65 – Head of WES’s news division. Very reluctant to follow WES’s vision, he serves as the moral conscience of the network.
MERV – M, 25-35 – A well-spoken but incredibly childish TV addict, he eats ALICE’s food and is $4,000 in debt to the other members of the house. MERV is infatuated with reality TV and JENNIFER in particular. He eventually proves a sociopath and shoots his roommates to get on TV and meet JENNIFER.
ALICE – F, 25-35 – The confident self-appointed head of the household, she is the only one willing to call out MERV’s behavior. While very sensible, she loses her temper due to MERV’s constant provocations.
GRIGSBY – F, 25-35 – Nurse and roommate of ALICE, MERV, and VINCE. She tries to keep the peace.
VINCE – M, 25-35 – Business professional and roommate of ALICE, MERV, and GRIGSBY. Generally aims for the path of least resistance in the house.