Auditions for Barbecue

Barbecue by Robert O’Hara
Directed by Teresa Langston
Produced by John Bosco and Laurie Maria Cabral

The grill is hot, the beer is chilled and the table is set for a typical O’Mallery family barbecue. But when their drug-addicted sister Zippity Boom arrives strung-out and out of control, her siblings have finally had enough—enough beer, enough whiskey and enough pills to stage an intervention.

However, there are, in fact, parallel O’Mallery families, one white and one black.
Racial politics collide with family stereotypes, survival, culture and identity.
This fast paced, satirical romp that may just give you something to chew on!

Cast of 5 White/5 Black. 2M 8W – adult language and themes of dysfunctional family, drug and alcohol abuse, redemption, identity and race.

Sides will be provided.

Auditions at Trinity-On-Main (Across the street from HITW Theater!)

Sunday, May 29 and Tuesday, May 31 6PM in Gallery Room

Callbacks by appointment.
Cast of Characters:
James T – white male 40/50ish
Lillie Anne – white female 50/60ish
Barbara/Zippity Boom – white female 30/40ish
Marie – white female 40/50ish
Adlean – white female 40/50ish
James T – black male
Lillie Anne – black female
Barbara – black female
Marie – black female
Adlean – black female