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Complete List of Shows Performed by Hole in the Wall Theater

The dramatic performances listed below represent Hole In The Wall Theater’s artistic endeavors since its inception in 1972. The theater’s mainstage productions usually ran Friday and Saturday evenings over a period of six weeks totaling twelve performances each until the late 1990’s when the performance schedule was adjusted to a five week run with 10 performances. Exceptions did occur as in the case of “Detective Story” (1985) which ran for eight weeks with sixteen performances. The below dates reflect the month each show opened and the director’s name follows each show listed. The street addresses refer to the various locations of the physical theater itself during its history.

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1972 – 12 Oak Street

1972 – 284 Allen Street

1975 – 50 Arch Street

1978 – 121 Smalley Street

1982 – 36 North Street

1988 – 10 Harvard Street

2003 – 69 Main Street

2006 – 116 Main Street

12 OAK STREET, NEW BRITAIN, CT (Hole in the Wall Bookstore)
1 June 1972 The Time Of Your Life (I) Ray Shinn
2 August 1972 Spoon River Anthology David Curren

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3 September 1972 The Hostage Ted Guhl
4 December 1972 A Christmas Carol (I) Ray Shinn
5 January 1973 Of Mice And Men David Curren
6 March 1973 The Crucible Ray Shinn
7 May 1973 Threepenny Opera Midge Nicolson
8 July 1973 A Midsummer Night?s Dream (I) Ted Guhl
9 September 1973 Death Of A Salesman David Curren
10 November 1973 La Ronde Ray Shinn
11 January 1974 One Flew Over The Cuckoo?s Nest Mike Perillo
12 March 1974 Oedipus Ted Guhl
13 May 1974 Dust Bowl Days Fritz Messerschmidt
15 August 1974 Measure For Measure Ray Shinn
16 September 1974 Inherit The Wind Ted Guhl
17 November 1974 Inspector Hound Chris Bailey
18 December 1974 The Effects of Gamma Rays On Man In The Moon Marigolds Lee Ann Kalwat
19 February 1975 The Ruling Class David Charron
20 April 1975 Casablanca (I) screenplay adaptation for stage by Ray Shinn Ray Shinn
21 May-June 1975 The One Acts (7 one act plays performed over the course of 6 weeks) Love Course, directed by Lee Ann Kalwat. Then, directed by Cecelia Travic. No Exit, directed by Mike Cohen. Intruder, directed by Laura LaDuke. Mrs. Daley Has A Lover, directed by John Powers. Medicine For Melancoly, directed by Ted Guhl. Paradise Lost, directed by Ray Shinn Mark Farnlof(executive director)
22 July 1975 The Roar Of The Greasepaint Mark Farnlof
23 September 1975 Telemachus Clay Ted Guhl

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24 November 1975 Othello Ray Shinn
25 December 1975 The True Adventures of Peter Pratt, Or How A Really Rotten Kid Found Out What It?s All About (I)(original script written by David Gerstein) David Gerstein
26 February 1976 The Boys In The Band Craig Dawson
27 April 1976 Dark Of The Moon Midge Nicolson
28 May 1976 The Killing Of Sister George Peggy Messerschmidt
29 July 1976 A Thousand Clowns Mike Cohen
30 September 1976 The Bacchae Ted Guhl
31 November 1976 Uncle Vanya Ray Shinn
32 December 1976 Molly And The Mouse (I)(original script written by David Gerstein) David Gerstein
33 January 1977 The Hypochondriac Mike Cohen
34 March 1977 Madness Of The Heart (original script written by Angel Vigil) Ted Guhl / Angel Vigil
35 May 1977 An Ideal Husband Ray Shinn
36 July 1977 R.U.R. Gary Kula
37 September 1977 The Time Of Your Life (II) Ray Shinn
38 November 1977 A View From The Bridge David Curren
39 December 1977 Peter Pratt (II) Ray Shinn
40 February 1978 That Championship Season Justine Tobis
41 April 1978 Equus (I) Ray Shinn
42 June 1978 Hot L Baltimore David Curren

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43 September 1978 South Pacific Ted Guhl
44 November 1978 Romeo And Juliet Ray Shinn
45 January 1979 Man Of LaMancha Justine Tobis
46 March 1979 The Exercise Ted Guhl
47 April 1979 Godspell Patrique Hurd
48 June 1979 Home Wayne Cashen
49 August 1979 High Noon (screenplay adaptation for stage by Ray Shinn) Ray Shinn
50 October 1979 Hair (I) Patrique Hurd
51 December 1979 Peter Pratt (III) Richard Charnick
52 February 1980 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum Gary Dion-Parent
53 March 1980 The Alchemist David Gerstein
54 May 1980 The Importance Of Being Earnest (I) Ray Shinn
55 June 1980 Passing By Louis Schiavone
56 August 1980 Runaways Brian Nielan
57 September 1980 Marat / Sade Ted Guhl
58 November 1980 Luv Martha Seif
59 December 1980 A Christmas Carol (II) Ray Shinn
60 February 1981 Pippin Patrique Hurd
61 April 1981 Cyrano de Bergerac Ray Shinn
62 June 1981 Arms And The Man Gary Dion-Parent
63 August 1981 Comedians Ray Shinn
64 September 1981 The Children?s Hour Josh Lucenti
65 October 1981 P.S. Your Cat Is Dead Bernie Moore
66 December 1981 You?re A Good Man, Charlie Brown Dick Michaud
67 February 1982 Salome Ted Guhl
68 April 1982 The Empire Builders Derek O’Brien

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36 North Street, New Britain

69 June 1982 The Hostage (II) Ray Shinn
70 September 1982 Dames At Sea Michael W. Harrison
71 November 1982 Arsenic And Old Lace Derek O?Brien
72 December 1982 Molly And The Mouse (II) Ray Shinn
73 February 1983 Vanities (I) Lilias Keszycki
74 April 1983 As You Like It Ted Guhl
75 May 1983 The Clone People Debbie Branch
76 July 1983 Gemini Dick Michaud
77 September 1983 Lady Windermere?s Fan (II) Ray Shinn
78 November 1983 The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Dawn Swahn
79 January 1984 Twelfth Night (I) Ray Shinn
80 March 1984 Spring Follies (scenes from various plays with love as a theme) Ted Guhl
81 April 1984 The Rainmaker Dick Michaud
82 June 1984 The Lion In Winter Mike Schmidt
83 August 1984 The Male Animal Ray Shinn
84 October 1984 Bell, Book, And Candle Lance Samia
85 December 1984 Holly Follies (various scenes centering around Christmas for children) Michael W. Harrison
86 January 1985 A Streetcar Named Desire Ted Guhl
87 April 1985 The Country Wife Ray Shinn
88 June 1985 Blithe Spirit Dick Michaud
89 August 1985 Agnes Of God John Peifer
90 October 1985 Detective Story John Varricchione
91 December 1985 Fluffy the Elf/The Christmas Song(2 original one acts written by John Peifer ) John Peifer / Ray Shinn
92 January 1986 Fifth Of July Lance Samia
93 April 1986 The Seagull Ray Shinn
  July 1986 Frankenstein,The Cell Of Passion Directed by Ted Guhl / Produced by Jon Cohen

The short lived organization was called The Tempest Playhouse and was a financial failure.

  September 1986 Belle Of Amherst (I) (showcase) Edith Kufta

A showcase is a production that occurs between mainstage productions and generally runs 1-2 weekends. While this showcase is the first to be listed here it is by no means the first to be produced. They occurred frequently during the early years of the theater with no dark weekends until at least 5 years after its first production. However, most of these early showcases were generally spur of the moment. The above production marked perhaps the first showcase of many to follow with complete production values.

94 October 1986 The Dresser Peggy Messerschmidt
95 December 1986 Molly And The Mouse (II) Ray Shinn
96 January 1987 The Massacre At Paris John Peifer
97 March 1987 The Petrified Forest Peggy Messerschmidt
98 June 1987 One Acts: Circle / Static Free Love (original script of “Circle” written by Lydia Palmer; original script of “Static Free Love written by Jon Cohen”) Ted Guhl
99 July 1987 What The Butler Saw Mark Kravetz
100 September 1987 The Belle Of Amherst (II) Joel Stedman
101 October 1987 Lovers And Other Strangers Jon Cohen
102 December 1987 Hoppin’ Hollidays (vignettes from various children’s plays) Corrine Kravitz/Linda Horton/Mitti Crosier
103 January 1988 The Importance Of Being Earnest (II) Dennis Hull
104 April 1988 Getting Out Steve Liskow
105 June 1988 Born Yesterday Ed Garfield

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10 Harvard Street, New Britain

The theater’s move to 10 Harvard Street marked the first full season (6 play season) voted in by the theater prior to its production. Previously shows were generally voted in only one show in advance of the current play in production and, on occasion, the next production would not be voted in until after the closing of the previous production.

106 September 1988 Happy Birthday, Wanda June Jon Cohen
107 November 1988 Richard III Peggy Messerschmidt
108 January 1989 Stalag 17 John Verricchione
109 March 1989 Strange Snow Warren Dutkiewicz
110 May 1989 Baby With The Bathwater Steve Liskow
111 July 1989 September Spring Edith Kufta
112 September 1989 Casablanca (II) Ted Guhl
113 November 1989 The Sunshine Boys Dick Michaud
114 January 1990 Much Ado About Nothing Steve Liskow
115 March 1990 ?night Mother Warren Dutkiewicz
116 May 1990 Bleacher Bums Tally Briggs
117 July 1990 Sex, Lies, And Guacamole (2 ? one act plays)  
    Society Page (original script by Sean O?Conner) Lydia Palmer
    Just One Of Those Things (original script by Lydia Palmer) Peggy Messerschmidt
118 September 1990 Caucasian Chalk Circle Ted Guhl
119 November 1990 The House Of Blue Leaves Laurent Jean
120 January 1991 The Boys Next Door Jon Cohen
121 March 1991 A Hatful Of Rain Carol Kula
122 May 1991 The Devil?s Disciple Rev. J. Glendenning Duer
123 July 1991 Faust Thom Ozimek
124 September 1991 As Is Steve Liskow
125 November 1991 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Linda Horton
126 January 1992 Ivanov Ray Shinn
127 March 1992 Macbeth John Peifer
128 May 1992 Lonestar / Laundry & Bourbon Warren Dutkiewicz
129 July 1992 Red Hot Summer Gumbo (6- one acts & play scenes interspaced with improv group) Rev. J. Glendenning Duer (ex. Dir.)
    The Chain Gang ( improv group) Laurent Jean
    Life And Limb Tony Zacaro
    Sure Thing Dan Smith
    Androcles And The Lion Rev. J. Glendenning Duer
    The Sound Of Music Thom Ozimek
    Henry VI, Part III Thom Ozimek
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Chris Ryan
130 September 1992 The Time Of Your Life (III) Ray Shinn
131 November 1992 Peter Pratt (IV) Richard Charnick
132 January 1993 The Tempest John Peifer
133 March 1993 Medea Thom Ozimek
134 May 1993 Torch Song Trilogy Rodney Carpentier / Ray Shinn
135 July 1993 For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf Laurie Maria Cabral
136 September 1993 Jesus Christ, Superstar Chris Ryan
137 November 1993 Merry Christmas, Mister Scrooge ( adaptation of A Christmas Carol with original music by Thom Ozimek and Tom Tantillo) Thom Ozimek
138 January 1994 Rashomon David Sousa
139 March 1994 Men Who Fix Radios And Women Who Can?t Hear Them (2 one act plays presented together each performance)  
    Pvt. Wars Dawn Alguard
    Lovely Sunday For Creve Coeur Theresa DeProto
140 May 1994 Pericles Shannon Daley
141 July 1994 M Butterfly Philip Vetro
142 September 1994 Hair (II) Chris Ryan
143 November 1994 Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp Linda Horton-Cassanta
  December 1994 Miss Margaret (showcase) Phil Vetro
144 January 1995 Other People’s Money Steve Liskow
145 March 1995 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Warren Dutkiewicz
146 May 1995 The Devils Theresa DeProto
147 July 1995 8 Misbehavin? (8 short one act plays presented together each performance) David Sousa (executive director)
    Bed And Breakfast Jomarie Pipolo
    The Confession James Crocker
    Going Nowhere Apace Alice Papineau
    Bread Dick Boland
    Attack Of The Moral Fuzzies Dawn Alguard
    4:00 AM (Open All Night) Rev. J. Glendenning Deur
    The Field T.J. Riccardo
    The Goblins? Plot To Murder God David Sousa
148 September 1995 Flyin? West Laurie Maria Cabral
149 November 1995 Cabaret Chris Ryan
150 January 1996 Henry VI, Part III Rev J. Glendenning Duer
151 March 1996 A Girl?s Guide To Chaos James Blaine Crocker
152 May 1996 Love Letters Warren Dutkiewicz
153 July 1996 The Year Of The Hiker Daniel Scott Fine
154 September 1996 Who?s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? Steve Liskow
155 November 1996 The Drunkard Patrique Hurd
156 January 1997 Jeffery Philip Vetro
157 March 1997 Cahoots Dawn Alguard
158 May 1997 The Odd Couple (female version) Lawrence E. Niland
159 July 1997 Six Degrees Of Separation Philip Vetro
160 September 1997 Cobb Alice Papinaeu
161 November 1997 Greetings Dennis Hull
162 January 1998 Twelfth Night (II) Steve Liskow
163 April 1998 Angels In America Part I Philip Vetro
164 June 1998 The Baby Dance Warren Dutkiewicz
165 July 1998 Bite Size Pieces (5 one act plays presented together each performance) Rebekah Royer-Poppel (ex. Director)
    Girl Talk (original script by Dawn Alguard) Dawn Alguard
    The Problem Carol Kula
    English Made Simple Cindy Cantor-Maher
    The Pictureman C.J. Holtz
    Downtown Jomarie Pipolo
166 September 1998 The Elephant Man Jeff Miller
  November 1998 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (showcase) Chris Ryan
167 November 1998 Truman Capote?s Holiday Memories Pan Riley
  January 1999 Rhythm of Broadway (showcase) Brian Frazier
168 January 1999 Keely & Du Lawrence E. Niland
169 March 1999 The Good Doctor Dawn Alguard
170 May 1999 Lips Together Teeth Apart Philip Vetro
171 July 1999 Bus Stop Dick Michaud
172 September 1999 Ruthless (The Musical) Dick Boland
  October 1999 Frankenstein (showcase) Paul Kokoszka
173 November 1999 Cloud Nine Amy Leland Hemphill
174 January 2000 Jellyfish Blue (original script by Scott William Auden) Scott William Auden
175 March 2000 Comedy Of Errors Steve Liskow
176 May 2000 Tracers Dennis Hull
  June 2000 Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom (showcase) Richard Charnick
177 July 2000 Corpus Christi Philip Vetro
178 September 2000 The Complete History Of America (Abridged) Lawrence E. Niland
179 November 2000 Glengarry Glen Ross Warren Dutkiewicz
180 January 2001 Masterpieces Amy Leland Hemphill
181 March 2001 Burn This Steve Liskow
182 May 2001 A Midsummer Night?s Dream David Sousa
  June 2001 All In The Timing (showcase) Lawrence E. Niland
183 July 2001 Equus (II) Jeff Miller
184 September 2001 Never The Sinner Philip Vetro
185 November 2001 It?s A Wonderful Life Eugene Tellier
  January 2002 LINT ! the musical (showcase of a staged reading of an original musical written by Bill Arnold & Scott Auden) Bill Arnold & Scott Auden
186 January 2002 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Amy Leland Hemphill
  February 2002 The Dream?s On Me (showcase of a staged reading of original play by Denise Clapsaddle) David Sousa
  February 2002 The Unnamed Showcase (showcase of improvisational theater) The Troupe With No Name
187 March 2002 A My Name Will Always Be Alice Chris Ryan
  April 2002 Harold Night (Showcase of Improvisational Theater) Doctor Awesome and Corpa
188 May 2002 Tempest Dick Boland
189 July 2002 eleemosynary Tim Seltzer
190 September 2002 1776 Heather Auden
  October 2002 Harold Night II (Showcase of Improvisational Theater) Doctor Awesome and Corpa
191 November 2002 The Dream’s on Me David Sousa
192 January 2003 LINT! the Musical Larry Niland
193 March 2003 A Winter’s Tale Steve Liskow
194 May 2003 The Colored Museum Laurie Cabral

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69 Main Street (Trinity on Main)

In 2003, our month to month lease with 10 Harvard Street came to an end, and while we were searching for a new space, we worked with a new arts organization in New Britain, Save 69 Main. Hole in the Wall performed its sixth show of the 2003 season at 69 Main Street, and contributed three pieces to its Fall Arts Festival.

195 August 2003 Welcome to the Jungle, Jim (an evening of Improvisational Theater) Too Many Monkeys
Trinity on Main Fall Festival
  October 2003 Tales from the ‘Hoot (an original show written by Bob Ierardi) John Daines
  November 2003 PI Dance Ensemble Toni Taylor
  November 2003 Bottom Bitch (Staged reading of an original play by Deirdre Patterson) Rook Thomas Hine
  June 2004 Boston Marriage William Meehan Arnold
  December 2004 Men are from Mars, Women are from New Britain David Sousa
196 March 2005 Proof @ Cheney Hall Warren Dutkiewicz
196 April 2005 Proof Warren Dutkiewicz
  August 2005 3 Bard Monty Too Many Monkeys
197 December 2005 A Christmas Carol Beldon Dominello
198 February 2006 Vanities Ted Guhl

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116 Main Street

After nearly 2 1/2 years of hard work and fund raising we finally opened our new space at 116-118 Main Street.
199 March 2006 The Merchant Of Venice Steve Liskow
200 May 2006 Loot Kit Webb
201 July 2006 Love! Valour! Compassion! Philip Vetro
202 September 2006 Picasso at the Lapin Agile Dave Levine
203 November 2006 Emma Ted Guhl
204 January 2007 Bat Boy: The Musical Philip Vetro
205 March 2007 Wit Warren Dutkiewicz
206 May 2007 Tartuffe Antoni Sadlak
207 July 2007 A Dog’s Tale Tony Palmieri
208 Sept 2007 Extremities Warren Dutkiewicz
209 November 2007 The Last Five Years John Stewart
210 January 2008 Book of Days Steve Liskow
211 March 2008 Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy Bill Arnold
212 May 2008 The Goat or Who is Sylvia? Philip D. Vetro
213 July 2008 The Twilight Zone: Of Shadows and Substance Kevin Brownell, Kit Webb, Mary Ann Kelly, Gene Tellier
214 Sept 2008 Barefoot in the Park Michael Daly
215 Nov 2008 Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol Dennis Hull
216 January 2009 HeAVEN Ted Guhl
217 March 2009 Live Old Time Radio Ted Guhl
218 May 2009 Sordid Lives Warren Dutkiewicz
219 July 2009 Night of the Musical Dead Bill Arnold
220 September 2009 Uncle Vanya David Sousa
221 November 2009 Detective Story Ted Guhl and John Varricchione
221 January 2010 Aside From That Mrs. Lincoln Kit Webb and Mike Daly
222 March 2010 Richard III Maria Grove
223 May 2010 Oedipus Ted Guhl
224 August 2010 The Credeaux Canvas Nick Pollifrone
225 October 2010 Insignificance John Peifer
226 December 2010 Christmas Live Old Time Radio Dianne Provenzano
227 January 2011 American Primitive: John and Abigail Adams Dennis Hull
228 March 2011 The Importance of Being Earnest Warren Dutkiewicz
229 May 2011 Rough Crossing Kitt Webb
230 July 2011 Summer Showcases and Community Events The Theater
231 September 2011 Romeo and Juliet on the Bayou Johnny Peifer
232 November 2011 Jacques LaMarre Has Gone Too Far Michael Daly, Terri D’Arcangelo, Bethany Sanderson, Kitt Webb
233 January 2012 LIFE X 3 Matthew Skwiot
234 March 2012 Independence Dina Addorisio
235 May 2012 Reefer Madness Michael Daly
236 July 2012 Death of a Salesman Ted Guhl
237 September 2012 Madwoman of Chaillot Matthew Skiwot
238 November 2012 Spring Awakening Todd Santa Maria
239 January 2013 Attack of the Space Nymphos From Uranus Bill Arnold
240 March 2013 The Shadow Box Dennis Hull
241 May 2013 The House of Yes Tony Palmeri
242 July 2013 Anything Goes Scott and Shane Kegler
243 September 2013 Whisky Tango Johnny Peifer
244 October 2013 Rocky Horror Tony Palmeri
245 November 2013 Whacked Scott Steven Kegler
246 January 2014 The Boys in the Band Dana O’Neal
247 February 2014 The Tempest Scott Steven Kegler
248 April 2014 A Cup of Joe at the Iffy Fish Scott Hoffman
249 June 2014 Fifth of July Kelly DiMauro
250 August 2014 The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons Jake Williams
251 September 2014 Love Loves a Pornographer Rayah Martin
252 November 2014 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Jim Williams
253 December 2014 Reckless Tony Palmieri
254 January 2015 Through A Glass Darkly Matty Skwiot
255 March 2015 Fat Men in Skirts Scott Stephen Kegler
256 May 2015 The Crucible Kelley Mountzoures
257 July 2015 ENRON Emily Trudeau
258 September 2015 Of Mice and Men Jill Ann Dvorsky
259 November 2015 Lysistrata Rachel Teagle
260 January 2016 Lint! The Musical James Demarco
261 March 2016 Still Life With Iris Tony Palmieri
262 May 2016 Pirates of Penzance Emily Trudeau
263 July 2016 A Midsummer Night’s Dream Kelley Mountzoures
264 September 2016 Sylvia Jim Ryan
265 November 2016 Accomplice Warren Dutkiewicz
266 January 2017 Travesties Alex Kirstukas
267 March 2017 A Night of Improv & Sketch Comedy on the Subject of Cookies History of the Future
268 May 2017 Julius Caesar Gene Tellier
269 July 2017 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Mary Roane
270 September 2017 The Laramie Project Dennis Hull
271 November 2017 School For Manners Christina Giannelli
272 January 2018 The Glass Menagerie Steven Siemiatkoski
273 March 2018 Much Ado About Nothing Eric Jolicoeur
274 May 2018 Comedians Johnny Piefer
275 July 2018 Our House Ryan Wantroba
276 September 2018 Final Arrangements Christina Giannelli
277 November 2018 A Doll’s House Steven Siemiatkoski
278 January 2019 Keely & Du Kristen Bennett
279 March 2019 Macbeth Mallory Diana Spencer
280 May 2019 Champagne & Licorice Christina Giannelli
281 July 2019 Virtual Devotion Luis Marrero
282 September 2019 The Haunting of Hill House John Bosco
283 November 2019 It’s a Wonderful Life Thom Ozimek
284 January 2020 The Road to Aracea Francis Daly
285 March 2020 Our Town Caleb Warner
286 October 2020 Scavenger John Bosco
287 December 2020 This Is Our Youth Terrance J. Peters
288 April 2021 Gruesome Playground Injuries Mallory Diana Spencer
289 July 2021 Darths & Droids Alan Burkholder
290 July 2021 Waiting for Godot Steven Simpson
291 August 2021 Marjorie Prime George Sebastian-Coleman
292 September 2021 Completeness Terrance J. Peters
293 January 2022 Heartless Steven Simpson
294 February 2022 The Trouble With Space Cannibals Scott Stephen Kegler
295 May 2022 She Kills Monsters Terrance J. Peters
296 July 2022 Day of Absence Laurie Maria Cabral
296 July 2022 Day of Absence Laurie Maria Cabral
297 August 2022 Barbecue Teresa Langston
298 October 2022 Lost Labour’s Lost Maranda Gallo
299 December 2022 Proof Shawna Martine & Jenna Schultz

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