Darths & Droids

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Darths and Droids

Adapted for the stage by
Justin M. G. Hughes

Director: Alan Burkholder
Producer: Terrance J. Peters

Join us for a filmed production production of DARTHS AND DROIDS, a based off the web comic by David Morgan-Marr,

Imagine, if you will, an alternate universe, one where “A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away” has never graced it’s presence on the silver screen. A world without Star Wars.In this world, six friends gather to join a strange new SCI-FI role playing game, one filled with laser blasters, warp drives, and mysterious space-wizards known as “JEDI”. Their destination: the small planet of NABOO, as two Jedi Knights embark on a quest to negotiate armistice and bring peace to the region. What could possibly go wrong?The cast grows larger, the plot more complex, and tensions start to rise both in and out of game. All the while the players and GM alike take their first steps into a larger world, a galaxy greater than anything they could have possibly imagined.