Auditions: Mystery at the Museum

The Hole in the Wall Theater is proud to partner with the New Britain Museum of Art for the first-ever “Who Done It” mystery at the museum that will be performed on December 7, 2023. We are calling all actors and actresses interested in collaborating with us for this event.

Auditions will be held at the New Britain Museum of Art on Saturday, September 30th at 1:30, and Sunday, October 1st at 1.

Improv skills are recommended but not required.

We want to cast a diverse group of people of all ethnicities, ages 18 and up, to fill 9 roles.

Auditions will be based on the script and improv.

For more information, contact Denise Pyburn at 


Dr. Whitney: He is very full of himself and looks for any opportunity to share his accolades with others. He can also be very manipulative but charming when he wants to be. Though it is his collection, he is still angry that he was coerced into letting the museum have The Sailboat.
Eliza O’Keefe: She is kind but meek and has been working for Dr. Whitney for a long time. She is the kind of woman whom you don’t really notice. She thinks they have a closer friendship than he does. She has spent the last year trying to get her paintings displayed in an art gallery, but to no avail.
Patricia Pendergast: She is well-dressed and confident. She has built her career up and is known as the go-to art house auctioneer. She has been on-again off-again with Theo for about 5 years. He has tried to get her to commit to him but she doesn’t find him totally trustworthy.
Bobby Motherwell: He is young and ambitious and dresses like an art professor. He’s been dedicating all of his free time to researching Dr. Whitney’s article in the Journal of American Art.
Dr. Norma Rockwell: She is a rather plain dresser who doesn’t care much about her appearance. Her voice is rather grating and she tends to speak her mind no matter the situation. She is a colleague of Dr. Whitney.
Bill Paxton: A very loud and bombastic character, Bill fills up a room and is the estranged brother of Theo and has spent his whole adult life trying to get even ten percent of the attention that Theo gets from their father.
Mary N. Belanger: She is young and motivated to make a name for herself in the podcasting industry. She has a very quick pattern of speech. She has been nipping at the heels of Dr. Whitney for months to try to make a “discovery” before he does. Her style of interviewing can be rather off-putting.
Chief Detective Edward Beecham: He is kindly but clever in an unassuming sort of way. He has been an art lover for most of his life and has a particular fondness for this museum in particular. He is not a suspect but will be the catalyst to helping the audience solve the crime.
Annie Dyson: Director of the Art Museum.Professional and put together. She is extremely knowledgeable about the museum and its art. She is not a suspect