Pet Peeves Auditions

Hole in the Wall Theater is excited to announce auditions for the debut production of PET PEEVES by J Mason Beiter, Directed by Terrance J. Peters

Auditions Dates:
– Wednesday November 15th @ 7pm (At Hole in the Wall Theater)
– Saturday November 18th @ 6pm (At Trinity-On-Main)

Callbacks if needed will be Sunday November 19th @ 3pm at Hole in the Wall Theater

Show dates: Feb 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th*, 16th, 17th (all shows are 8pm except Sunday matinee*, 3pm)


AUDITION INFORMATION: Actors will be asked to prepare a monologue of their choice, recommended in the style of the show (Modern Drama/Comedy), followed by selected side readings from the script (To be linked below 1 week prior to auditions)

Monologues do not need to be memorized. See below for a link to a list of collected monologues. A small sample of these monologues will be available printed at the audition.

Monologue Folder:…/1jq76FwtG64EHvwVgaqb5iPM5zu3…

Audition Sides available here

Script Link available here


SYNOPSIS: What’s it like having nine lives and a man’s best friend as a roommate? Pet Peeves follows the lives of Midnight, a 4 year old Maine Coone, and Sunny, a newly adopted 8 year old Golden Retriever learning to live together. As they begin to understand their place in each others lives, they come to terms with the often unspoken experiences and thoughts behind the eyes of our soft-pawed family members. A dark comedic tale about trips to the vet, feral felines, and living in the dog days.



NOTE: Roles noted “ANY” may be adjusted around the actor cast. All performers are welcome to audition for any role.

MIDNIGHT (F): 4 years old Maine Coon cat with black fur. Sarcastic, distant, a tad selfish, and really enjoys her space. She does have a softer side for the right people. A princess. Any age actor (18+)

SUNNY (F): 8-9 years old Golden Retriever. High with energy and full of excitement. Cannot sit still. Not very smart and a little forgetful but she makes all of that up with her larger than average heart. Any age actor (18+)

KAYDEN (F): Late twenties girl. Lives alone with her pets and loves them unconditionally. Busy with work and school. Probably a little awkward around other people.

DRAIN-PIPE (Any): 12 year old homeless alley cat. Homeless and lives outside Kayden’s apartment. Very knowledgeable about the real world. Has some unearthly wisdom and charisma. Any Gender though written as Male Cat. Any age but would lean towards older actor

RICH (Male/Any): Late twenties. A date for Kayden. A cool guy but a bit of a meathead. Treats his dog better than he would other people. Probably doesn’t pick up after him.

SNOT (Male/Any): 7 year old fluffy Komondor. Rich’s dog and best friend. His owner named him that way for a reason.

PETER (Male/Any): Late twenties-thirties. Another date for Kayden. More down to earth, supportive though not a pet owner himself.



Pet Peeves is a show that swings wildly in energy, from gutbusting comedy to “I’m not crying you’re crying” drama, and all in between. As such auditioners are encouraged to take big swings, and have fun taking risks.

I am a fan of monologues since not all great actors are great auditioners, and so it gives those who’s best work comes with time and preparation the ability to plan their choices. For those who enjoy a fresh cold read, you are welcome to come without preparing anything and simply read one of the provided sides that resonates with you! Do what makes you feel most comfortable to bring to our audition stage 🙂

IF any questions, including availability or virtual auditions, contact the Director Terrance Peters —