Casting Call for This is Our Youth

Attention Hole in the Wall friends and family!!!

Currently, it is unfortunate to see Hole in the Wall Theater still closed to the public. However, we are still moving forward in entertaining you in alternate formats.

Coming soon to Hole in the Wall Theater is a streamed production of Kenneth Lonergan’s This is Our Youth. Directed by Terrance Peters, produced by Jesse Burke, and set in a New York apartment in the early 80s, the story revolves around three youths, stolen money, drug deals, and seeing life through the eyes of those just trying to make it on their own. All despite what others may see in them.

The characters to be cast are:

  • WARREN (19) – a nineteen-year-old strange barking-dog of a kid with large tracts of thoughtfulness in his personality that are not doing him much good at the moment, probably because they so infrequently influence his actions. He has spent most of his adolescence in hot water of one kind or another, and is just beginning to find beneath his natural eccentricity a dogged self-possession his friends may not all share; despite his enormous self-destructiveness, he is above all things a trier; his language and wardrobe are heavily influenced by Dennis–but only up to a point; he would be a good-looking kid if he eased up on his personal style a little. He attended Oberlin University for less than a year before dropping out and has just been thrown out of his father’s house for constantly smoking pot; his parents are divorced and his older sister was murdered several years prior.
  • DENNIS (21) – a grungy, handsome, very athletic formerly long haired kid. Quick, dynamic, fanatical and bullying kind of person. Amazingly good natured and magnetic, but insanely competitive and almost always successfully so; a dark cult of high school only recently encountering, without necessarily recognizing, the first evidence that the dazzling aggressive hipster techniques with which he has always dominated his peers might not stand him in good stead for much longer. He is the son of a successful artist that has allowed him to live independently at the cost of his own education, and furthering a relationship with his own parents. The time away has allowed him to amass a small influence of ‘business’ contacts for weed, drugs and other explicit goods that may not be as well established as he believes.
  • JESSICA (19) – nineteen-year-old Jessica Goldman is a “cheerful but very nervous girl” who displays “a watchful defensiveness that sweeps away anything that might threaten to dislodge her, including her own chances at happiness and the opportunity of gaining a wider perspective on the world”; she uses defensiveness to help her project her own image of herself as a hip, intelligent, independent young woman who cannot be taken advantage of, yet her actions suggest that she is not as self-assured as she appears; she lives with her parents and is a first-year student at the Fashion Institute of New York.

All three roles are open and all are welcome to try out. Auditions will be held online starting on September 24th and 25th with times starting at 6pm. Forms to audition can be accessed here, monologues for auditions can be accessed here, and more information can be found on our Facebook event linked here.

We look forward to all who wish to try out and we are more than happy to keep shining the light during these uncertain times.