Our Philosophy

The specifics of our theater’s philosophy have been argued since we opened up shop in the Hole in the Wall Bookstore more than 40 years ago. However, the basic philosophy remains unchanged and can be summarized in one sentence: Theater should be available to everyone, regardless of one’s ability to pay.

Membership Policy

The moment you walk through our doors, you are a member of our theater! Our General Meeting (GM) makes all decisions of substance for our theater. We have a board of directors to handle everyday business issues, but it is the GM that votes in show proposals, raises funds, and ultimately makes all important decisions for the theater. Our GMs are posted on our website, and the moment you attend, you may speak your mind and vote your conscience.

Show Proposals

We generally start voting in our season in early April. Shows may be proposed for any slot at any time, but they may not be voted on until the GM decides to hold elections. Traditionally, the person proposing the show wants to direct the proposal, but proposals have come from technical directors, producers, and actors. To be eligible for election the proposer must meet 2 criteria: they must have copies of the script in the theater two weeks prior to the election, and they must have a producer willing to commit to the show.

The election process seems complicated, but in essence, any show which receives a 2/3 majority of votes in a particular slot is chosen for that slot. If there is no clear winner, the show with the least votes is dropped from the ballot, and the slot is voted again. “No Show” is always a voting option, and does not indicate a desire to shut the theater down for that slot, but that the available choices are unacceptable to him or her. A show running unopposed must still receive 2/3 of the vote against “No Show” to be chosen. If no show wins a 2/3 majority after 3 ballots, the process is repeated at the next GM, and all shows which were dropped are eligible again.