Auditions for Hole in the Wall’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream


The Hole in the Wall Theater (HITW) in New Britain, CT is seeking a large cast for its upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Auditions will be held on May 22nd and 23rd at 7:00p.m. at Hole in the Wall Theater on 116 Main Street in New Britain, CT. Callbacks are scheduled for May 25th at 7:00p.m. A Midsummer Night Dream is directed by Kelley Mountzoures of Plainville.

We are, in particular, seeking men and women of all ages who have dance, gymnastic, acrobat, specialized character movement and special talent abilities for the woodland fairies. The fairies will have a large part in the production. The set will be transformed into a magic forest playground with swings, slides, tunnels, etc…Please come to auditions prepared to move if you are auditioning for any of the fairies. Let us know, also, if you play an instrument or can sing! Please be familiar with A Midsummer Night’s Dream and come prepared to read sides from the script. Sides will be available in the lobby.

A light rehearsal schedule will consist of Thursday nights at 6:30-9:00 and Sunday’s from 2:00-7:00 (Sunday times may vary) adding additional rehearsals on Mondays or Wednesdays closer to tech week (will depend on cast availability). Show dates are July 15, 16, 22, 23, 24, 29 and August 3, 5, and 6th Mandatory strike Aug 7th.

Shakespeare’s most popular comedy centers around the adventures of four young lovers and a troupe of amateur actors, and their interactions with fairies and a duke and duchess. Taking place in mythical Athens in an enchanted forest, the play features a handsome fairy king, a misguided parent, star-crossed lovers, a weaver who is transformed into a half-donkey, and many fantastical woodland creatures! This work is widely performed around the world, and no wonder — it’s about the world’s favorite pastime, falling in love! But as Puck knows, falling is loves makes fools of us all!

Character List:

Theseus, Duke of Athens.

Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons – betrothed to Theseus. These two were once enemies, and Theseus won her in battle.

Lysander – Hermia’s beloved. Egeus does not approve of Lysander

Demetrius – in love with Hermia, and her father’s choice of a husband for her. Similar to Lysander in most ways, Demetrius’ only distinguishing characteristic is his fickleness in love. He once loved Helena but has cruelly abandoned her before the play begins.

Hermia – Although she loves Lysander, her father insists she marry Demetrius or be put to death for disobedience of his wishes.

Helena – the cruelly abused lover of Demetrius. Before the play begins, he has abandoned her in favor of Hermia.

Oberon The King of the Fairies – Oberon is fighting with Titania when the play begins because he wants custody of an Indian boy she is raising. He hatches a plan to win the boy away from her by placing love juice in her eyes. This juice causes her to fall rashly in love with Bottom. During her magic-induced love affair, Oberon convinces her to relinquish the boy, who Oberon will use as a page. Oberon also sympathizes with Helena and has Puck place love juice in Demetrius’ eyes so he falls in love with her. After Puck mistakenly anoints Lysander, Oberon insists Puck fix his mistake so that the true lovers are together by the end of the play.

Titania, Oberon’s wife – She is Queen of the Fairies. Because of Titania’s argument with Oberon, the entire human and natural world is in chaos. Oberon wants the Indian boy she is protecting, but Titania refuses to give him up because when his mother died in childbirth, she agreed to raise the boy. Following Oberon’s application of the love juice to her eyes, Titania falls in love with Bottom, and Oberon takes the Indian boy from her.

Puck, or Robin Goodfellow Oberon’s jester, – Puck is responsible for mistakenly anointing Lysander with the love juice intended for Demetrius. Puck enjoys the comedy that ensues when Lysander and Demetrius are both in love with Helena.

Nick Bottom A weaver, – Bottom is an actor whom Puck transforms into an ass, and Titania falls in love with him.

Egeus Hermia’s tyrannical father. – capriciously declares that she must marry Demetrius or be put to death for disobedience; according to the law of Athens, daughters must obey their fathers or forfeit their lives.

Philostrate Theseus’ Master of Revels

Peter Quince – A carpenter and the director of the group of actors who perform “Pyramus and Thisbe,” which he has written for the celebration following Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding.

Francis Flute A bellows-mender

Tom Snout – a tinker

Snug – A joiner

Robin Starveling – A tailor

Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed and many more fairies