Casting Call for Macbeth!

Attention any potential actors and actresses! 

Hole in the Wall Theater is looking for a number of potential actors and actresses to come and audition for its upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s Scottish tragedy, Macbeth.  The production will run for ten (10) performances between March 15th and April 6th. Eight (8) of the performances will be held on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm. The other two (2) will be Sunday matinees held at 2pm. One will be held on March 24th for the general public, while the other will be held on March 31st as a special performance for students of New Britain High School. 

The production’s synopsis is as follows: 

“Hole in the Wall Theater presents William Shakespeare’s Macbeth to the people of New Britain. We follow the story of the titular Macbeth as he is prophesized by three witches as future king of Scotland. But the road to the throne and beyond is met with darkness, death, and insanity. Directed by Mallory Spencer and produced by Christina Giannelli, this production will keep the original dialogue, while translating the dark tale into the gritty and hardboiled style of 1940s film noir.” 

We are looking to fill in the following roles: 

Macbeth– M, 30-40: The ambitious Thane of Glamis and Cawdor who longs for more power. Initially reluctant and brooding, he soon gets over his doubts and becomes King along with his wife’s help. He embraces his callous nature as the story progresses. 

Lady Macbeth– F, 25-40: Macbeth’s ruthless wife who covets the throne. She is the driving force behind Macbeth’s desire for the throne, as she is the one who pushes him to kill Duncan. She becomes a support for Macbeth as he has hallucinations. A true femme fatale. 

Duncan/Apparition 1– M, 50+: The King of Scotland. A good-natured man and benevolent leader. 

Macduff– M, 25-40: The morally good Thane of Fife. He is everything Macbeth is not. He initially leads the revolt against Macbeth out of duty to his country, but is later fueled by revenge for the murder of his wife and children. 

Malcolm– M, 18-25: Duncan’s son and rightful heir to the Scottish throne. He appears weak and reluctant at first, fleeing Scotland out of fear of being murdered like his father, but with Macduff’s help he is able to regain control of his country. 

Banquo– M, 25-40: Macbeth’s friend and fellow Thane. Brave, noble, and loyal, he has just as much ambition as Macbeth but chooses not to act upon it. He later reappears as a ghost haunting Macbeth. 

Fleance/Macduff’s son/Young Siward– M, 18-25: Banquo’s son, who is prophesized by the witches to one day inherit the throne of Scotland. / Macduff’s son  

Lennox– M, 25-30: A young sergeant who is injured at the start of the story. Eager to prove himself. 

Ross– M, 25-40: A Thane who warns Lady Macduff about her husband’s absence. 

Angus/Apparition 2– M, 50+: A grizzled and contemplative old Thane who can tell when there is supernatural intervention in the world. 

Siward/Apparition 3– M, 50+: A veteran general of the English forces that fight against Macbeth.  

Witch 1/Seyton– F, 18-30: One of the three instigators who prophesizes Macbeth’s ascent to kinghood. / Macbeth’s personal assistant. 

Witch 2/Lady Macduff– F, 25-40: One of the three instigators who prophesizes Macbeth’s ascent to kinghood. / Macduff’s wife who is worried by her husband’s abandonment. 

Witch 3/Serving Woman– F, 18-30: One of the three instigators who prophesizes Macbeth’s ascent to kinghood. / The dutiful servant to Lady Macbeth. 

Murderer 1/Messenger– M, 25-40: One of the thugs hired by Macbeth to kill whoever gets in his way.  

Murderer 2/Doctor– M, 25-40: One of the thugs hired by Macbeth to kill whoever gets in his way.  


Auditions will be held on Monday, January 21 and Tuesday, January 22 at 7 pm at the theater 116 Main St., New Britain, CT. All potential cast members are advised to bring a resume (or to simply fill your credits on the audition form). Headshots are welcome, but not necessarily required. Auditions will consist of readings from the script, while monologues are also welcome. 

All those looking to be cast must follow the following requirements: cast members must have a reliable mode of transportation to get them to and from the theater. Once cast, all cast members must attend one (1) general meeting at the theater (usually held the second Wednesday of each month), one (1) performance of the current production at Hole in the Wall (Keely and Du), and the strike of the sets for both Keely and Du and Macbeth. 

Hole in the Wall Theater is located at 116 Main Street, New Britain, CT. 06051. Contact and location information can be found on our website,, and we can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We look forward to all who wish to be part of the show. Thank you.