February 2019 at Hole in the Wall!

Hello, Hole in the Wall Family! 

February has come! The month of love, romance, and keeping warm in the late winter months! With that in mind, we at HITW have a few things lined up for you (and your special someone) as a way of spreading our love to our theater patrons. 

First up, our current show: Keely and Du! There’s only one weekend left of this emotional tale of imprisonment and the decisions we are sometimes forced to make. Our last weekend for this is scheduled for February 8th and 9th at 8 pm. Tickets are still available; either come by and purchase them for $20 ($15 for students/seniors) or head to our tickets page, where tickets are $17 ($12 for students/seniors). Get those tickets before this last chance slips away and don’t forget to check out our interview with this wonderful cast. A show with this much raw emotion ought not be missed. 

If the emotion you’re looking for in February is more of the comedic variety, we’ve got that covered for you as well. Our funny friends from History of the Future are back with the laughs in their latest set of sketches: Sexy Love Show! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, HOTF and HITW invite you for a night of laughs and romance with sketches involving (but not limited to): The Greek Gods, cats, and…sexy food? The show performs for two nights on February 15th and 16th at 8 pm, and tickets are available at the door and online for $20, but be warned: this show is recommended for ages 18+. 

While the laughs occur on the stage, the behind-the-scenes happenings are going non-stop! Preparations are being made for our next major production: William Shakespeare’s classic Scottish tragedy, Macbeth! Directed by Mallory Spencer, we see the world of Shakespeare transported to the gritty, hardboiled, and black-and-white tinged world of film noir. A fitting take on a classic as we witness the rise to power and descent into madness of one ambitious ruler. The cast has been set, so be sure to see who will bring life to this collection of characters. 

Macbeth goes up on March 15th, but until then, we still need to prepare. We’re always looking for people to assist, so if anyone has free time on Friday nights after 7 pm or Saturday afternoons, feel free to stop by the theater to put together the set. Be sure to check out our calendar to find out what Fridays and Saturdays are our work calls, as well as our Sunday strikes! 

The entertainment will still be rolling on in-between the work calls. Be sure to stop by on February 22nd at 8pm and 23rd at 4pm for Tales from the Hoot IV: The Holy Order; a one-man show presented by Hole in the Wall alum and Plainville native, Robert Ierardi. Join Robert as he regales us with the story of his beginnings in theater in a trip through the 1980s during his time in his “own private Hooterville.” Tickets are available now on our website. 

Volunteers are always welcome to our ever-growing family! So, if you want to find out some more opportunities, simply walk through the door on February 13th, where we will hold our monthly general meeting. You can meet our fellow volunteers and board members, put your input on how to keep our humble theater working, or even put forward your own show ideas. All are welcome! 

As volunteers, nobody gets paid here at HITW; we love what we do and do what we love. In order to keep that love alive, we depend on the sales from our tickets and the donations of any giving patrons. If you wish to give a little bit in this regard, feel free to donate at the theater or at our donation page. No amount is too small, and every amount goes into creating more theater. 

We look forward to the February events here at Hole in the Wall, and we hope you’ll come to join us. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Stay warm this February, and we hope to see you here with us. Thank you!