Gruesome Playground Injuries Cast and Tickets!

Hello Hole in the Wall friends and family!

It has been one year since we’ve had to close our doors to live performances, and trust us, we miss it deeply. But that has not stopped us from continuing our mission of entertaining all of you in some way, shape, or form. That’s why we are getting ready for our next streamed performance and announcing to you who is in it!

On April 16 and 17 of 2021 at 7pm, Hole in the Wall is proud to present Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph. Told over the course of 30 years, we follow two friends, Kayleen and Doug, as they go through childhood, adulthood, and everything in between. With every meeting, scars both visible and even invisible are compared as they look for support from their everyday lives.

Our two protagonists will be played by:

Kayleen: Mallory Spencer

Doug: Ryan Wantroba

Not only is Mallory (director of 2019’s Macbeth) starring in the show alongside HITW President, Ryan, she is also producing AND directing! So, don’t miss out!

Be sure to get those tickets now (for only $15) and join us this April for more great entertainment from us to you! Keep on following us on Facebook (and our Info Group), Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more upcoming news. You can also join our mailing list, donate to help keep us up and running, and join us every second Wednesday of the month to keep up to date with upcoming shows, and even help put together future shows.

With the times we live in, now, we always need a little entertainment. But things are hopefully changing for the better as the vaccine continues to make the rounds here in Connecticut, and around the world. So, for now, I’ll sign off as always hoping to see you on the stage (hopefully) very soon. Thank you!