Keely and Du Starting Soon!

By Tim Adams and Luis Marrero

New Britain, CT – Hole in the Wall Theater will be presenting Keely & Du by Jane Martin. The show will run Friday and Saturday nights, 8:00 pm, from January 18th to February 9th, with a Pay What You Can Night on Friday the 25th and a 2:00 PM matinee performance on Sunday, January 27th.

The play focuses on Keely, a pregnant rape victim being held against her will, and Du, a pro-life activist and mother of three who is charged with caring for Keely. Keely has been kidnapped outside of an abortion clinic and is handcuffed to a hospital bed throughout the play. Walter, a pastor and the coordinator of Keely’s abduction, attempts to convince Keely to keep her child, through imprisonment and emotional manipulation. Who will decide the fate of Keely’s unborn child?

The play was created by the pseudonymous Jane Martin, whose identity is still a mystery. This allows the viewer to watch the play without being distracted by wondering what the playwright’s bias might be, if any. The issues explored in this show have been a divisive topic for decades and are still a matter of intense public debate. Regardless of your political leanings, this is a show that should be seen by anyone who has a stance on the subject matter.

The production stars Kat Blair (New Britain) as Keely, Barbara Gallow (Newington) as Du, Mike Zizka (Burlington) as Walter, and Victor Tellez (New Britain) as Cole, an orderly, and a prison guard. It is being directed by Kristen Bennett (Southington), stage managed by Matthew Cote (New Britain), and produced by Johnny Peifer (New Britain).

This show is recommended for audiences 18 and over. Tickets will be available at the door and may be purchased in advance through Free parking available at the Chestnut Street garage. Hole in the Wall Theater is a non-profit organization located at 116 Main Street, New Britain, CT. For more information, please visit We hope you enjoy the show.