Marjorie Prime Cast Announcements!!!

Hello, Hole in the Wall friends and family!

We may have already announced a recent cast announcement with Waiting for Godot, but after Godot, we already have another show to put up and perform for live audiences. That show is Marjorie Prime by Jordan Harrison.

Fresh off his announcement for his upcoming performance in Waiting for Godot, George Sebastian-Coleman will be directing this tale of a family struggling with the cycle of generations born and passing, and our desire to hold on to (most) of our memories.

The cast for Marjorie Prime are:

Marjorie: Barbara Gallow

Walter: Jordan Wassil

Tess: Teresa Langston

Jon: Keith E. Nelson

Marjorie Prime will be directed by George Sebastian-Coleman and produced by Luis Marrero and goes up on August 20th! We hope everyone is as excited for Marjorie Prime as we are. We’re more than excited to put on more live productions for everybody. Be sure to keep an eye on all social media outlets for more news and tickets ($23 general admission, $20 students/seniors) on Waiting for Godot, Marjorie Prime, Completeness, and our upcoming streaming event, Darths and Droids! In the meantime, we wish for everybody to stay safe, stay well, and we will see you on the stage!