Marjorie Prime – Meet Jon

Tonight is the night, HITW fam!

Tonight is opening for Hole in the Wall Theater’s next production, Marjorie Prime. The story of AI, loss, and memories will bring out the emotions as we learn the life of Marjorie, her family, and what the future could hold for all of us.

With that in mind, we got another interview with the cast of the show! You’ve seen him in some of Hole in the Wall’s past shows like the laugh-riot, Final Arrangements, the laugh and cry heart tugger, Champagne & Licorice, and even Hole in the Wall’s first streamed production, the cabin in the woods horror, Scavenger. Give a big welcome back to Keith Nelson!

What drew you to audition for  this play? What character are you playing, and what is your favorite piece of technology?

Keith: George drew me out to audition for this show. I became complacent because of COVID and just wasn’t auditioning. George asked me to audition, and I’m playing Jon Brody. My favorite piece of technology would be a computer. I’m a Windows and Android guy. I like to take them apart and rebuild them with upgrades. 

Very early on in the script Marjorie notes that Tess is “the mother now.” When working with an aging parent or adult in your life, how do you work with them to ensure their comfort but that they keep their sense of dignity?

Keith: Understanding, empathy for what they’re going through. It’s not all about me.

Some of the roles in this show are not actually human, but Artificial Intelligence.What do you think the benefits to having your own AI in real life would be? The consequences?

Keith: I would say having an AI would help me to gain another perspective on things, but I don’t even know if primes can do that. 

Although Marjorie’s memory is failing her, characters in the show are there to help her remember her life. What is one memory that you would want someone to help you remember?

Keith: I’ve got too many to choose from! I would have to say the love that I have for my family.

Throughout the play one particularly unpleasant memory for Tess and Marjorie  is skirted around. If you lost your memory, would you want your loved ones to do the same and omit unpleasant memories, or would you want to know your memories, for better or worse?

Keith: For better or for worse. That’s who you are. Without the bad memories, you’re not you.

A big thank you to Keith for the interview and for taking part in what is sure to be a very deep and thought-provoking show. Tickets are available now, so don’t miss out. Keep following us on social media, especially for upcoming news of our next season for our 50th anniversary! Stay safe, and see you on the stage!