Meet the Actor – Stephanie Chernoff


On the morn of our Pay-What-You-Can performance of Enron, we want you to meet Stephanie Chernoff. Last seen at Hole in the Wall in The Madwoman of Chaillot, where she played a bumbling policewoman, Stephanie is undertaking the role of Sheryl Sloman, Lucy Prebble’s fictional analyst who, although she doesn’t comprehend how the scheme can make money, still recommends Enron shares. Prebble brilliantly encapsulates the reasoning behind this seemingly incongruous act by giving Sloman the lines, “You get on a plane, you don’t understand exactly how it works, but you believe it’ll fly. If you got out of your seat and said, ‘I’m not flying, I don’t understand how this works,’ you’d look crazy…Imagine if the belief that the plane could fly was all that was keeping it in the air.”

But enough about some of my favorite lines from the play – here’s Stephanie’s (and remember that you’ll need to come see the show in order to get her line in context): “You are entirely irrelevant”

Her favorite song from the nineties is “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt, which you can watch here if you want to be jealous of Gwen Stefani’s cute plaid pants.

Come check her out tonight!!