Meet the Actors: Dueling Lisas – Lisa DelCegno as Tim Timko & Lisa Ives as Doctors 1-6

Ready guys? We’ve only got three shows left! Thursday is our pay-what-you-can, Friday’s performance is followed by an open mic titled “Un-hole-y Night” and we close on Saturday. All shows begin at 8 pm.
Without further ado, let’s chat with the two Lisas in our cast, beginning with Lisa DelCegno, who plays gameshow host Tim Timko. We asked Lisa a few questions about her character and Christmas in general.


ME: Hey Lisa, so, tell me three ways in which you and Tim Timko are alike.

LD: I find it difficult to compare myself to Tim Timko! There’s the one obvious connection in that we both enjoy performing. I’d also say that there is a level of androgyny in each of us, but him much more so than myself. Aside from that we’re kind of polar opposites, which has made it a very fun role to play.

ME: I’m glad you’re having fun! It really shows in your performance. Now tell me your worst Christmas memory.

LD: My worst Christmas memory was being handed the paper as I was wrapping presents, and seeing that someone in my life had been arrested on some pretty serious charges. That person has since cleaned up and is on the right track, and I am so proud of them for turning things around.

ME: Oh, man. Wow. Well. What Christmas carol do you despise?

LD: I’m not a big fan of Christmas carols to begin with, but I truly believe that there is a special circle of hell that plays “Dominick the Donkey” on repeat.

ME: I definitely don’t want to go to that hell. Tell us about how you found out that Santa wasn’t real.

LD: There wasn’t an exact moment of “BAM! Santa isn’t real!” for me. I think a seed of doubt was planted in my head from other kids at school, and then I eventually came around to that conclusion. I did LOVE Santa as a child though. There was one year where I was determined to have a date with Santa, and he was going to be my boyfriend. On Christmas Eve I set up a table in my room with milk and cookies, put on my little girl green-and-red velvet Christmas dress, and made my mother do my hair. I sat at that table and stayed up as long as a little girl could, but eventually fell asleep. I was devastated the next morning. I was equally devastated a few years ago when I told someone that story and they said “Wait… what about Mrs. Claus? You were a little home-wrecker!” The fact that Santa was married had completely skipped my mind…

ME: Ut-oh. a ho-ho-homewrecker. Sorry. Lastly, give us a holiday decorating tip.

LD: Years ago, my mother got the idea to do a themed Christmas tree. We’ve done a different one every year since, and I always look forward to it. I think the best tree we ever did was Starry Night. It’s my mom’s favorite painting. She hunted for ornaments for some time, trying to find the right colors and shapes. Eventually, she gave up and decided to go with a last minute red-and-green tree. I was so excited about Starry Night though, and I really wanted to make it happen for her. I went to every store I could think of that would sell ornaments. I searched all day and almost gave up as well, but eventually found a store with the perfect decorations. We put the tree together that night, and it was perfect.

And now, Lisa Ives, who, in her FIRST appearance in a full-length production, has the dubious task of playing not one, but SIX doctors.
















ME: Tell us, Lisa Ives, which of your six doctors is the most like you and why?

LI: I am enjoying the chance to show six people in their own states of mind! I think I am most like the sixth doctor, because I relly do care about people.

ME: Clearly, you do. And which of the doctors is the least like you?

LI: The doctor I least identify with is doctor four, because while I am affectionate, I am never inappropriate. (I think!)

ME: I like to think that the process of connecting with the fourth doctor has made you slightly less appropriate (though not anywhere near as inappropriate as she is.) What is your worst Christmas memory?

LI: My worst Christmas memory is being in the hospital, and not being able to be with my family.

ME: And your least favorite Christmas Carol?

LI: My least favorite Christmas carol is Noel, because my sister’s name is Noel and Kids would tease her.

ME: What food says Christmas to you?

LI: My favorite Christmas food is the cookies my Grandmother would make.

Thanks Lisas! And all you nerds out there in Christmasland, get your tickets to see these two alternately androgynous and inappropriate women live and in person this weekend at Hole in the Wall Theater. Click the above link for tickets!